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    I'd have to re-download and install it, 1 sec
    I had my Froslass, so you're Infernape would've taken that out.
    -my team sucks ass-
    My W-Fi kicked out.
    Accept this Lv. 50 Single battle. :)
    ya know i dont love sam joe i love you more than anything he`s a jerk ya know you did treat me like a person
    and all that and more i know i`ll never have you because of the way i treated you so im sorry i`ll love you but youl never love me and you dont have to but just so you know ok buy.cry cry.buy
    Qualification: [IOT "Internet Officer Trainee" College of Seneca]
    Qualification: [IOT "Internet Officer Trainee" College of Seneca]
    i am not wrong he stated both fact and opinion thus making it a statement of opinion. please leave me alone if you are going to choose to continue being this way, i do not care for poor lack of judgement of me i am not lying about anything i am doing my best to prove a point that is yes a fact that not all people are stupid. and once more you are taking such a simple matter and making it big you are a foolish young man, and if you are older than me i suggest you start acting like it because the right thing would be to stop this whole thing and leave it alone. you are indeed one immature man. Correcting someone for such a small thing is pathetic on your part. and if you plan to say i am the one who is pathetic, you are the one who is not letting it go and in fact find great pleasure in breaking down others. i have let it go. an i will say once more i will not be angry for i have done nothing wrong, but i will say this i do apologize for calling TheMuffinMan a moron it was wrong of me. but, i will ask you once more not to make fun of or say something is wrong without first asking the person why they said what they did. if you had kept it simple and just asked me why i said it in that form i would have had no problem explaining it. i do not want to fight anymore and play this little game on who’s right or wrong no1 was wrong i speak in a certain manner that’s all and i will continue to speak the way i see fit. you may think what you may but. this is ridiculous and i am serious about reporting this site it is not a threat but a warning it can be done. i do not believe you are a bad person so i will ask you nicely please stop this and just let it go and forget. i have let it go..and i have already said sorry to TheMuffinMan. now i am not sure how you see things but, i just want to enjoy talking to others without insulting all the time. i do not want to report this site. so please just stop ok there is nothing wrong with what i expressed.
    i have my religion and it is a certain way, please respect this part if you can do this then i will respect your opinion.
    we need to just respect each other in our opinions ok you may think your way and as for myself i shall do the same.
    Qualification: [IOT "Internet Officer Trainee" College of Seneca]

    His choice of words were both a statement and an opinion "thus" making it a "statement of opinion"
    he was part fact because some people are not intellectually stable, meaning they cannot think like normal people. It was also an opinion because it is not always true, people are only as stupid as their attitude, and your attitude sucks big time. I do not mind admitting i am wrong but, i am right i have spoken to many and all have concurred with it. It is the dead language of the Hebrew i believe strongly in using this part of speech and if you believe it to be wrong then so be it, but my statement stands it is of the "hebrew" and that is of fact.
    Qualification: [IOT "Internet Officer Trainee" College of Seneca]

    look, I don't care who you are but you are wrong why because every dictionary is different and I "quote" " statement of opinion" was used in the King James version of the holy bible you inconsiderate person get your facts straight, and don't even go there with the I know the bible crap because the Canadian and American versions of the bible content are very much different. So leave me alone with the whole statement crap.

    Statement Noun: something you say or write when you give out a fact or term and, or information in formality.

    What he said was a false fact, it is not true nor was it right of him to say this about people neither should you. You do not have this authority nor should you assume that you do. Because you do not and if you continue to be of an issue then I will report you. And I will do so without hesitation. You have nothing against me in this matter for I am only speaking my mind and not in a rude manner so if you so choose to fight back then you are only hurting yourself because I have copied exactly what you have expressed on my profile this site has seen it, and you will be spoken to. They are in agreement of your ignorance.
    What you wrote to me was wrong. I have given you no reason for you to strike the way you did, you have no right, and if you honestly believe that bothered me you are sadly mistaken. Correcting and rubbing it in is a poor way to express one’s self.
    I will walk away from this with no problem because I know I did the right thing there was nothing wrong with what I said ...calling people stupid is wrong. And will always remain this way.
    I do forgive you for what you just did I am not mad at you nor will I ever be..No matter what you say. And what I have just expressed to you was also sent to this site. And they have supported me on this as well.
    I would appreciate it if you did not bother me again or I will have to report you once more thus leading to you being banned. And I am serious about all of this. I am not afraid to do what’s right, and I am not hurt by your words of poor judgement.
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