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  • Lol I couldn't remember who posted so I just sent it to everyone :p

    That is a good thing!!! I am too!!! And same here, that and moving, but holidays do play a large part in my being MIA for so often... It makes me sad to be away from here for so long TT-TT
    lol its okay jolteon i had that as well thats why it took me so long lol to post
    You needs t post in the Pokemon: The New Frontier RP!!! Okay I'm not actually sure if you need to personally but I'm telling everybody so here is your reminder from your friendly rabbit friend!!!
    I got you message. I may not post right away. I'm having a little writers block. Plus I've got finals coming up. But i will do my best to post soon. If you need to do a little power playing to move along the story, go right on ahead. xD
    I knew i can count on you dude but, it sucks you leave so right away but when your busy your busy
    I made artem clean up was hilarious lol
    don't worry jolt i understand been little busy over here as well since the holidays coming up anyway thanks for telling me dude
    Yo dude I'm very sorry for not posting in Hoc rp in a long time I was very busy and sometimes very tire please forgive me and go post if you can. I wouldn't blame ya if ya took long lol
    I'm not dissing it just making a statement! I am yet to see that happen :p

    Yup, that's me. Lazy to a fault!

    Wow that sounds like fun! Glad you had a good time!!! Tee-hee-hee!!!! Hmm fair enough I suppose!
    yeah there aurmites and trust me there a true dark secret about the aurmites that you'll be very surprise lol.
    Says the guy with a jolteon who is also named jolteon? Dude you can't even talk lol.

    Awwwwwww! Nonsense I just was being lazy.

    Lol I LOVE the Cheshire Cat!!!! He ish awesome!!!!!!! This is true! I shall just channel my inner Cheshire!

    Well then have a grand ol' time and tell me all about it when you get back! From wherever it is that you are going... Kiddo??! I'm now older then you! Lol why thank you!!!!
    Nonsense! If I was yelling I would be typing in caps lock, I am excited, exclamation points for me mean excitement.

    I read the thread don't worry. And I don't sulk... About yelling that is.

    Oh well that sucks!

    YES I DID!!!! And my sig!!!!!! (see that time I was shouting but it was in excitement)
    ACK!!! You no know of Paramore?!?!?!?! You must remedy this!!!!

    I don't pay attention to many holiday unless my family celebrates them. I shall look into your thread though.

    Silly peoples, pestering and what not!! Okay then ttyl!
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