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  • it all comes out to about 15 - 20 bucks, its not expenisve at all go to home depot. its better then buying one off of ebay for about $100 for a cheep imatation, i mean the cut out for the key isnt even right and they charge that much. some one wants to buy my keyblade for about 100 so XD yippy but i dont want to sell it cus its my first so im going to make another one and sell it woot! money for college
    well i looked online to see how to make one, and none of the tuts came out as good as mine did. So its basicly my own design. Buy, PVC Pipe, PVC extender and interner and a smaller Pvc pipe for the handle, then the rest is cardboard, best kind is from the fruit box's from like wal-mart. Then papermashe the cardboard cut outs and its sturdy, Oh and dont for get the chain
    Uh.. HECK YES! I would love to learn, if you want i can tell you the materials you need to create a basic Kingdom Key
    YOU HAVE A WAY FINDER?!?! THATS AMAZING!! yea im acctully thinking about making a ventus cross polay stuff, i acctully made my keyblade, and i can make 2 more with the materials i got and i so want a way finder lol
    yeah. there's no point in having a friggen acronym that long just for that. besides, say it out loud: bwahopl. it is so STUPIDDSJFD
    Nope he was refering to me because, if you look at my topic vampires vs roxas, hes been calling me that
    Just ignore him, i think your hair and eyes came out perfect! i mean seriously blue eyes FTW, any way dont liisten to the Troll, hes been commenting on everyones pages, like he keeps calling me Gueido roxas, or somthing like that. Any way this troll needs to grow up or stop being such a douche. Any way i voted for you your costume was amazing, i just wish i could have saw the rest of the costume.
    oh, that kinda explains it. bit weird, it's showing a different friend now lols. oh well, sorry for bothering you and thanks for answering
    Sorry, been calling a lot of things "DP"'s I forgot its different here. I meant Avatar. A DP means Display Picture.
    oh, okay then. well, would you mind telling me where you found your avatar?
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