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  • Oh cool, I've gone through there a few times.

    I myself am from Worcester County.
    You can discuss upcoming worlds for 3DS in the Upcoming Worlds Thread. Also, you should have waited for my response before creating a duplicate thread.
    Hey, you are not going to get anywhere in the nudity debate. The only people who will agree with you are people who are deemed perverts and animals like myself. Our society thinks of certain kinds of nudity as indecent and that humans are just one strip of clothing away from committing rape or molestation and hate to see people excited outside. This view isn't going to change simply by allowing people to be nude, people have to become unashamed of the human body and it's reactions but as you can saw that isn't going to happen soon.

    I commend you for your effort but this place isn't going to give a good reason to be embarrassed by the human body or change it' stance. Just leave it alone.
    Hey what's up dude. What did you do today dude? Also I updated my KH story with Chapter 5 now.
    Well I want to be something original and something that not used in KH so that is why I did skull symbol, but with a heart emblem in the middle. I mean all the Heartles, Nobody, and Unversed symbol look pointy you know what I'm sayng, but also on the Hollow symbol, at the end of the heart it makes a sharp looking arrow. Almost look like Unversed head.
    I like that your doing something with your hollow concept, but idk, a skull symbo i really cant see in a kingdom hearts game. take a look at the previous symbols, mostly the Nobody and Unversed symbols. Take examples from those and come up with something really original and cool looking.
    Oh yes dude you know when you want to chat with some you have to just click "View Conversation" on the botton right corner of the visitor message if you want to view conversation. That way you can chat with other user and it will notify the user you are talking to.

    Anyway, I did draw the symbol for the Hollow, but I don't have my own scanner so I can't scan it if I have devinart account. The symbol is a black skull with red outines. In the middle of the skull is a purple heart emblem (symbol) that represent the dark aka bad side of the heart and also have red outline too. Since Hollow is like evil, dark creature created from the heart of evil person I thought that the symbol should be a skull.
    Hmm, based on the evidence I've discovered about the Bible in archaeology, apologetics and history, I can safely believe in something. Who cares if I'm wrong anyway, lol. It would suck if you were, though.
    I do believe in logic, although science is imperfect considering it's a human work that has been trying to perfect itself over the years. Not to discredit most science, however, considering how many Christians I know are scientists. Like my chemical engineer parents. Or my youth leader who was an aerospace engineer for NASA. Or my family's close friend who's on the verge of clinically trialing a cure for cancer at MD Anderson. But maybe the general consensus is ALL CHRISTIANS AND RELIJUS PPL MUST BE STOOPID AMIRITE
    That's all fine and dandy but it had little to do with the thread lol.
    How??? lol
    lol k.
    Since you were going to be so incredibly random with posting in that thread, I'll be incredibly random and reply back outside of the thread :D

    There's no physical or scientific proof that states there isn't a god or afterlife. You can't use physical means to prove a spiritual concept, silly. Regardless, there is a wealth of archaeological evidence that points back to the Bible, and a wealth of scripture in the Bible that is used to construct the basic history we know of the B.C. era and first centuries.

    The idea being that He's supernatural, He was never created. He always was, and always will be, and always came before. It's all the more supernatural if you accept the fact that you can't comprehend it, because to the physical limits of your mind you can only believe that every rope has two ends. If you get into the circular thought path that everything was once created by something, you get nowhere, as scientists can't even prove how matter came into existence other than saying it spontaneously combusted in the Big Bang from expansion and collapse. Which doesn't sound so far off from "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth", eh?

    Nuts? Very mature. Racist and sexist? Very knowledgeable about religion, are we?

    Matthew 5:44
    44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,1 John 3:18
    18 My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action.
    1 John 4:7
    7 Dear friends, let us love one another, because love comes from God.
    1 Peter 2:15
    15 For God wants you to silence the ignorant talk of foolish people by the good things you do.

    HAHAHA this is the silliest thing I've ever heard. I'm not sure where you got the "Eve as a sexual tool" part, but as far as interracial marriage being frowned upon, I'm sure you're confusing that with the tribes of Israel and Jews commanded not to wed with the Gentiles. They were commanded not to because before Jesus came to save the sins of the earth, Gentiles were unclean from their sin, uncircumcised, and did not walk with God as the Jews did, following His commandments. After all sins were saved through Jesus, however, Gentile and Jew could be saved, uncircumcised and circumcised, and all could be saved through Him. Therefore there was no longer uncleanliness in food or Gentiles or anything of the sort. It was never a racial matter, however.

    Oh, it has before, but that's religion when it's been corrupted by people who are not even following the commandments of their own beliefs. And there have been plenty of other motives behind war, more importantly politics and power.

    I can't speak for other religions, such as Hinduism which has castes, but I'm a Christian, which I know does none of the sort.

    Then you really weren't doing it right and clearly were not reading the Bible, which teaches you not to fear death because you would have been given eternal life through Jesus Christ.

    Once again, doing it wrong. Read the Book of Acts. One Christian is not "holier" than the other, for you one is saved by faith, not by good works. If good works could save you, there would be no reason for Jesus Christ to have died, because his sacrifice was to do the impossible. Sinning as a Christian does not condemn you to Hell because God forgives you of all your sins from the moment you become one. Soo, like I said, I'm not sure where you get these ideas.

    lol kk

    Christianity is certainly a lifelong addiction I would never trade for anything, considering I've been promised eternal life and redeemed of my inadequacies.

    Hah we're heading one step closer to that already, and it's no wonder the world is going down the shitter.


    i want to start a thread about the Essense, but i already did a while ago and it got closed by some dick. Hey could you start one about some of the new enemies like The Forgotten, The Essense, and The Hollow. It would be cool if people submitted concept art and ideas for the creatures. I just dont feel like starting another thread.
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