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  • I'm good. :3
    Just reading some manga and relaxing. I have the job of babysitting my little bro's right now, lol.

    Oh, lol.
    I'm sure you probably missed a lot, huh? :p
    ahhhhh that sounds no fun ;-; good luck!!
    ^_^ yeah, i'm more in it for the music and singing though, not a great actress. xD;
    that's awesome :33 thanks~~

    i'm super duper busy ;_; but i still find time to get on amlggoa and khi and stuff~ but there's so many things i need to finish like for school and stuff and i'm in dance and the musical so it's like GUH. x_x
    lol how are you?
    it does have great music. my favorite part is the endings. cant wait to see what they come up with next.
    Awesome. im glad they are finally finishing it. I love inuyasha. my favorite ending song is "every heart". its a funny show because kagome always has to tell you exactly what just happened. like you don't have eyes or something. lol
    randomly posting on your wall. were you the one who posted the inuyasha thread?
    you know the one about the final act?
    Yeah shit is pricey, I want a new car so I'll wait til then for now everyone i know drives anyway so I can easily get around.

    Woah, thats pretty tan. I dont understand how that goes away though. but yeah go for the tan. Cant go wrong with that, I guess I should go to the beach since its been a few since i'v been. Cant hurt to get a small tan now can it.
    I dont have insurance, Thus i dont drive it often enough to care what kind it is. Not very Car Savvy to be honest.

    Yes, that is true we guys will buy girls drinks but i tend not to go to the bar to pick up girls, just to relax after work or chill with the guys, Blue moon and Hacker are both Amazing Beers Iv never heard of but get you pretty drunk pretty fast.

    I dont tan, I have the perfect tan all year round. Im Mexican, a very terrible one but Mexican nonetheless lol. Before and afters to see how many shades you tan. like thats kinda strange to tan so much you get a latino skin
    2004 Honda Civic > 91 Honda Accord lol.

    Its good to have a Newer car i guess. Im still stuck with my Car in which i dont know the make or model on.
    Also yeah looks like you need a tan, you is white hahaha. Am Jealous though jetskiing looks hella fun. And Yes I went to the lake yesterday Slammed a few beers. Sad to say i got messed up on 2 of these German beers.

    Have fun at that this weekend. I need to find a party soon. I hate going to the bar. spending way too much money that i really dont need to.
    So, you seem like you may be a fairly interesting person to get to know. Seems I'm unable to add you to my Facebook though :|
    Wow thats ubber lame. Sucks too that you have to make a vacation out of it since theres no local. New car huh, New used car or New new car lol. What kind. Going down to the lake awesome. Im going do to the lake tonight its been about a year since uv been lakefornt its so peaceful.

    Anyway yeah I will most totally tell you whats up if I attend. Hoping for no bullshit to happen before then
    Yeah this past weekend whenever i walked outside it felt like i was walking into hell, Like no wind or anything just heat.

    Lucky you i still have to wait til August for Warped to come around to my city. gotta let me know how that goes. Who are you mainly going to see. Also Photos
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