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  • It took a while.

    I also requested something but after a few days of waiting with no response I just sent a message to my friend who came up with my nifty new tag in like 5 minutes. I was impressed.
    Hey your Signature has finally been finished at Moonlight studios


    naw she was a neccesary character for Fleiya (for got how to spell it) this she needed to remain a character that was alive till the end.
    Suzaku was one of the most annoying characters to me. however he was not nearly as annoying as the girl who was obsessed with Princess Euphemia... she really irritated the heck out of me ><;;;
    it's about two men who live underground and they dream of living on the surface. eventually one of them finds a mech called a gunman and through a strange series of coincidences they escape to the surface. the journey begins there. it's really great download it here. it's in Japanese subs.

    Awesome, thats how i was pronouncing it. New York is still a big maybe because i may end up Flying out there on my own for some Sight seeing and meeting up with a friends out there for Drinks but that depends on how much money i make this summer. Isnt your summer break start like next month or something.

    Most Universitys i know end in middle end May. But then again this can be just this state.
    Road trips are great, cureetly trying to plan one with some friends. Either Like New York and the obvious yearly Indy trip. Yeah I live in the Chi-town. Bourbonnais is a funny word, a few weeks ago me and some friends were driving up from Down south Illinois and we pass the city sign and we were arguing how it was pronounced. So stupid. Im pretty sure i was right but now i think i may have actually been wrong.
    Well that sucks that you dont have a Warper tour location in your own city. Where do you plan on driving to for warped anyway. Im usually against big concerts like this I figured why the hell not.

    a 3 day concerts series. Shit is insane. Its mostly of bands i would never see or never come over here of if they do tickets are insanely expensive. Hopefully i can find enough money to make one or the other.
    Free concerts are always the best.

    Warped Tour, I kinda really want to go but im not sure how it will conflict with my Summer Work, so i'll have to wait last minute to decide if i want to go. From the line up i seen there are alot of bands i want to see. I also want to go to lallapolloza this year as well but thats expensive as shit. Ah hopefully i get to go to one or the other.
    I also dislike Coheed and Cambria. Ewww.
    Funny story is that the first time i seen Chiodos was back in 2006 at Tase of Chaos with the Used and 30 seconds to Mars. First time I ever heard of Chiodos and it was an amazing performace if i recall correctly but they were siging shit outside durring some shitty band like Aiden or something

    Im like why not. So i got a poster signed by them and some photos but I lost the poster because i was in the Pit during the rest of the show and I cant remember what happend to the photos. If i knew how much of a fan i would have become of them at that point i would have just chilled for the rest of the show and been happy.

    I remember that concert your talking about, I was pissed it dident come to my city but i was kinda glad because Linkin Park and C&C are a terribad combo.
    It was my own fault, He doesn't have my new Cell number.
    All I know is im gonna end up seeing photos of him with Craig tomorrow on Myspace which will make me furious.

    Yeah a year and a day older. Kinda funny.
    It was actually tonight like right now,

    Dident go. My friend took off without me. I guess he though I left so he took off thinking I dident want to go.

    Aw well. Save me $15
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