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  • Age is just a mental thing, haha. Or depending on how many grey hair and moments you have. College and university isn't such a bad thing really. :D
    Do you have any money saved up at the moment or just been spending a bit on what not and knick knacks? The freedom sounds fun but still at the expense of money and all. That is unless you're moving into a dorm or something. Haha, sounds like things are going great for you then. :D
    You're welcome, haha. Sounds like you don't mind working at the restaurant. On the plus side, if you hate working or a later job you get, you can always say you're so busy with school that it's cramping your personal life and space. So I'm taking a guess you're in college? :3
    Same, I'v decided to go to Warped this year after contemplating it for some time. Got some road trips planned for this summer so im saving for that. Its been raining alot on my end. Its kinda depressing because it also humid
    Haha, it's the beauty and beast of drinking which is hangovers. :D
    I'm swell. I've just been catching up on sleeping, reading, some gaming here and there and other things while I'm on a break from education.
    Where do you work? Congratulations on pay day. :3
    Not much, woke up about 33 minutes ago to the sound of garbage trucks, dogs barking and a plane flying over my house. I don't think this hangover isn't doing me much justice but a cup of tea should do the trick. How are you today? :3
    No prob. I try to avoid this place as much as possable on the weekends anyway.

    Shit went to go see up Last night, Then Bowling with a group of friends because our one friend is moving to Florida next week and they had 50 cent Jello shots so I had like a Half Pitcher of Beer and a whole bunch of Jello shots. Shit was amazing. Im pretty sure i had like 12 and at that point i tired Bowling but when I threw the ball I flew 5 ft in the other Direction. after thowing the damn thing. So im was content. I got home at 6:30 this morning
    Thats good, Shit I need to save up. I kinda want to go to Tokyo its like a $700 flight. Yeah I know that feeling of spending way too much, I sometimes tend to leave my Debit card at home when i go out so I wont spend spend spend

    I never said it was bad ;) Friend invited me to go to the Hooka Bar tonight but I think its a silly fad all my friends randomly started doing because everyone else was and I dont like smoke lol. Yeah like when i first started drinking all i did was drink Vodka shots but iv bitched out since then and only prefer mixed drinks or take my Vodka with Coke and Lemonade because its yummy and It'll get me mad fucked up fast because it dont taste like Vodka.
    Awesome, Im still waiting on my one friend to finish classes Semester ends like Mid June So im like "Gay" cause i wantto hang out now. 2 jobs och, you must be saving up for something big. I dont think I could juggle 2 jobs at once. Me? Well to be honest been drinking alot these past weekends with friends, Grad parties and shit. Currently started my summer work out Routine. Tei bo (i dont know how to spell it) but its ridiculous. But it feels good
    So whats up, its been a while still dealing with School or are classes done for the summer.
    I dont like follwing all the trending Fads all my friends go though. wearing them (to me) makes me feel like an enormous tool. Walk into the mall with my friends only one not wearing a fitted cap, I like to keep my individuality to the best that i can (though it does not exist) lol

    And thats why i wont wear Fitted caps unless im drunk, they make me feel like a big man.
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