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  • Osprey did a weird haphazard combo of the entire franchise at 3am one night and forgot most of the cast so she gave me her blessing to do it over
    Also, have you seen TFS Plays DOOM? it's pretty damn (again, no pun intended) funny.
    Yeah, it was one hell of a ride (no pun intended). I kind of cheated and looked up where I could get all the secrets, mods, and power ups. But man I loved using the Super Shotgun and eviscerating everything in two hits.
    Launchpad, I just noticed you put DOOM as the game you are currently playing; how awesome is it!?
    i have two things to say

    1. the bernie/hilary fusion from one of your recent vids looks like rumplestilsken from shrek forever after

    2. interested in joining our club's chat? i can make you an FB account just for it if you want
    if you feel like you've been left out in the cold discussion-wise, we can always talk about the GoT finale.
    alright, i apologize if i send a lot of messages to you. i just think you're a pretty cool guy. however i noticed inbetween now and sometime since you joined, i see the age on your profile has went from 19 to 20 so belated birthday mr pad.
    on my tumblr i saw a screencap of a yt comment you made, "like if my icon scared you".

    it was reblogged almost 50,000 times lmao.
    No problem, I just generally add people I find cool or nice, but it's not like it actually affects my relationship to them
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