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  • Metallica~ *_* Have a feeling that I'll never get to see that band live. I'm always broke when I hear that they're coming to Finland. :'D Oh well... I guess I just have to settle for listening to their CDs.
    Yeah, I know. I do the same thing when I watch movies even though drawing and painting are just mere hobbies for me. I love movies that are very visual.
    Ah, okay. They have "evolved" a bit then in that department. I remember reading a review few years back and the writer didn't like the fact that they had no singer. But I guess they have more songs with lyrics now so I guess it's only practical to have a tour singer.
    Yeah, well, me neither really. RPGs are the coolest. :p
    Well, not really afraid of them... I just dislike them from the bottom of my heart. >_~ I dislike zombie movies, okay, I liked Zombieland and 28 Days Later... even though it really isn't a zombie movie but it's kinda. And I dislike zombie games. I'd never be able to play games like Dead Island. Lol, I couldn't even finish Uncharted 1.
    ... okay, I'm afraid of them. There, I said it. :'D But they're damn creepy! Brrraaaiiiinnnssss. So how could you use it to your advantage? :DDD Start a zombie apocalypse. How you start it, well, that you have to figure out yourself. :'D
    Yeah, I was just wondering that how their live shows actually work when they have no singer. Do they just play instrumental then and crowd sings? :D I liked their album where they played Metallica. That's pretty cool and I like their song I'm Not Jesus because I like Corey Taylor's voice. I know I liked some other songs too but I can't remember their names. :'D
    Orlando is like... a theme park lover's dream. Ah, okay. I'm sissy so those things aren't really for me, lol. My friend forced me to go to the House of Horrors in Universal Studios and well... I screamed and cursed so damn much. I wanted to kill her afterwards. Howl o'scream's website is already creepy as hell. "Zombies live here." Yeah, no thanks. :''DDD I hate zombies the most!
    Oh, that's cool that you like them. :) I'm not the biggest fan but their style is quite original. And they have some good songs. You can't really avoid hearing them when you live in Finland. One of our biggest exports. :p
    Yeah, I've been to Disneyland California and it was like a dream come true but Disneyworld is something that I also want to experience. I'd like to visit all the Disney parks around the world even though people say that they are pretty much the same. Isn't there a bigger Universal Studios theme park somewhere in Florida? I guess also in Orlando? Anyway, there seems to be an amusement park or a theme park in every big American city. :'D In Finland we only have three or four bigger ones and their rides are quite tame compared to like Six Flags. And well, we can't have our amusement parks open the whole year around. :p Howloscream sounds like horror stuff. Is it like a horror theme night?
    Yeah, they're from Finland. :)
    I've actually wanted to visit Tampa. :D And go see a Rays game. Yeah, I like baseball, it's just a very hard sport to follow from here but I used to watch a lot of baseball while visiting California so I kinda got hooked but anyway... Tampa isn't very far from Orlando. Haha, yeah, just thinking about Disneyworld. Have you been there already? :'D
    Googled pics of Varadero and it's very beautiful. White sand, palm trees and turquoise ocean, yup, I'm already sold, I want there! D: Too bad that plane tickets from Helsinki to Havana cost like 1000€. Tampa isn't much cheaper with 700€. :'D Have to wait that lottery win. lol
    I'd definitely love it, especially the ocean and the palm trees~ And the mojitos! Yeah, I think the US is a pretty cool place to be. I've been to California and I stayed there four weeks in an American family, trying out the American lifestyle. So yeah, based on those four weeks I'd like to live there as well.
    Well, our Halloween is more like All Saints' Day than actual Halloween. So in principal we do not have Halloween. :'D But yeah, I guess I can live without it. As for not having Christmas... that would suck. But good that Cuba celebrates it nowadays. :)
    Yeah, well, being from Finland you kinda should get used to cold because winter lasts 6 months or so... But that's really not the case. :''DD I'd be dead happy if I could get to Cuba in the middle of our winter. Actually wanted to visit the place for quite a while. :)
    Uh, Halloween in Finland is boring. It's basically just few classic horror flicks on TV, something like Halloween or Friday the 13th and so on and some people may organize small parties for friends where you dress up. People in general just usually visit graveyards and light candles for those who have passed. But we do the same thing on Christmas so yeah. Our Halloween celebrating is literally dead. :'D
    I want some trick or treat stuff and amusement parks to have horror themes! D: But there's really no tradition for that. All the traditions we have in this country have basically come all from Sweden. So yeah, should probably start planning to come to the US when you guys have Halloween. :'D
    Haha, yep. Wouldn't give it up for the world. I swapped up gymming for swimming three weeks ago because it's always nice to have variety. Saw your picture in the picture thread. Lookin' buff. Kudos.
    I dunno yet. I find out December 22. Yeah, quiteMAD and I are good friends, and I was telling him about how i wanted to go after acting, and he was like "im writing a comic with this teenage girl character who would be PERFECT for you" She's a gang member. lol. Anyways i think we (and some other friends) all are very creative and are gonna go after alot of that stuff in our lives.

    I do nothing but the arts. lol
    actress. I'm applying to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio early decision, and im from california, so its gonna cost alot, and we barely have any money because of hospital bills. I also had to apply for the Honors/Harrison Scholarship because of that, which was probably the most stressful part
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