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  • It's soooo bad. I have two middle names, for my grandmothers. The bad one is Dolores. XD
    I remember when Lil' Bow Wow got old and changed his name to Bow Wow. It felt wrong. XD Von's a cool middle name. My middle names suckkkkk.
    As long as you don't put anything else in your sig, I think it'll be okay. xD

    HONESTLY, it totally doesn't mean anything, bahaha. I was tryna think of a username and I liked the word "Tao" (it's chinese) but that was taken... so I thought to maybe add "chan". Then I thought chan was kind of lame, and I was like, "cha? Taocha? ... that seems alright". XD
    That was such a long time ago, holy balls. XDD I like your Unit-01 sig that you have though! Who made that?
    -snickers- I'm so predictable. XD
    15 seconds of Asuka is all I need to start making pictures. XD
    I have to grudgingly admit I quite enjoyed the gameplay... am now trying hard to resist the urge to buy it.
    Oh that. Yeah, I've made some enemies here before lol. I posted a couple of threads about wanting justice for stuff.
    You should join the community, but not here. this place does not welcome people that are good. it doesnt welcome people that do not break the rules and follow them and dont do bad things. They just love to play around with our accounts. my name has been changed. user title. and my account has been totally banned like 3 times :/ i know how you feel bro. but be gay somewhere else not here. They are awful here. i hate the mods so much
    the mods did the same thing to me. I heard about what happened to you and im really sorry. they really are complete ass holes :(
    Your post count has been restored. You should contact your nearest Administrator and tell him you have the qualifications of a Premium member and check if the System has recognized you as one.
    Wow... the mods can be quite dickish sometimes. That's honestly a terrible thing to do. I mean, I'm alright with them messing around with the other vets/mods, but raping someone's account like that is pretty low. I mean, It'd be alright if they did it to a mod or someone who can undo it, but not to a regular member. They also seem to disregard pretty much everything you say.
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