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  • BBS, 358/2 Days and I have BBS FM but I'm waiting for Truthkey's latest English patch. :) I completed BBS ages ago but I'm still playing it cause it's great stress relief and I want all my characters to be LV 100 or LV 99 - whichever is the highest level available lol.
    My bro prefers MMORPGs, partly for the social aspect cause he makes friends easily. :) He's looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic in particular. I'm so glad he's not addicted to WoW anymore, though!
    No prob. :D I'm kinda glad he's not 2 cause otherwise I wouldn't be able to play games with him (although I would convert him to KH gradually if he were 2, haha). I'm not an academic person and I've struggled with that kinda stuff all my life - wonder what it's like on the other side. :p
    Seems we have the same torment! :p I hate being beaten by my bro at everything; I can't find anything that I'm good at which he isn't lol.
    Oh, fair deuce. :) I have a brother too - he's 2 years younger and 10 times smarter than me. Is your bro younger than you as well?
    Wind Waker = epic. :) Haha, don't get too jelly - you guys in the US probably have loads of games that aren't released in Europe. If those games are region-free, maybe you can import them.
    No worries. :) I love the GameCube; it brings back so many childhood memories (I used to play multiplayer with the same cousin that got me addicted to KH). What GameCube games are your faves?
    Tbh, I'm not really an FF fan - and I'm not allowed a PS3 either (I wouldn't know what other games to get for it other than FFX; I love the storyline of it). :( Sorry ...
    I moved to England when I was 5, but I still have loads of memories of SA. :) Including the fact that my dad promised to let me drive the car to the mall when I was 3. I still remind him about that, but I have my heart set on a motorbike instead of a car now. :D
    Haha, I got that a lot in junior school! :p I understand that people are curious about this kind of stuff, so it doesn't offend me one bit lol.
    Thanks. :D It'll be harder rocking Asuka with the silver name.

    Oh god, Hope looks retarded. xD

    Oh thats pretty cool. :] What a funny band name though. xD And man, this just reminds me of how much I want to play Catherine
    So really I'm just going to wait and see what the finished game looks like, and then I'll decide if I want it or not.

    I guess I'll be happy as long as another FF13 is a main character. Like Hope or Snow along with Lightning.
    1. I'm afraid that the game will be to big, that I might get lost and I will only be happy as long as they keep the mark thing on the map that tells you where to go next.

    2. I'm not a big sidequest person so really having alot of sidequests kind of make me upset, cause what if I have to do tons of sidequest to progress through the game.

    3. Just only having Noel and Serah as main characters only kind of upsets me, I was hoping of having Noel, Serah, Lightning, Sazh, Snow and Hope as main characters like FF13, but we will only get to use them for a short time and thats that.
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