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  • My ultimate favourite character is Aqua - she's a strong female and a good role model. I like Roxas too, but I have loads of favourite characters tbh. :D How did the essay go?
    Nice; sounds like a good variety! :D I hope that BBS Vol. 2 will exist and that there'll be a downloadable version for the PSP cause I'd definitely buy it.
    I literally have BBS and BBS:FM - but I'm looking to get a few UMD movies so I can watch them on planes and stuff. :) What games do you have?
    I wondered what animal it was too. :p I was like, "Is that a unicorn or something else?" Lol and you're welcome - consider yourself part of an elite force because I rarely give compliments. :)
    I was totally right about you being handsome! :p As for KH 3D, the gameplay looks impressive. And despite my fear of unleashing my girly side on you, I think the bat is adorably cute.
    Yep, I got Facebook. :) I'll PM it to you - my surname isn't very common and I don't want random people tracking me down lol. And I'm on tons of other forums - lemme know which ones you're on and I'll give you my username if I'm on them too.
    I think my problem was that I was too nice and let people walk over me - well, in the beginning. But then I started not taking carp from anyone and still got bullied, so meh. Nothing I can do about that I guess; I'm just an easy target. I don't trust most IRL people now, but luckily I have my internet buddies who appreciate me for who I am. :)
    I struggled with education, partly because I was bullied for all of my school life - I don't want to go back ever again, needless to say. And I'm sure you'll make it into journalism. :D I used to do History as a main subject in high school and really enjoyed it.
    Yep. :D There's an extra twist - we have to have knowledge of the products, so there's a lot to learn. I find it pretty tricky at times, but I'm great at the retail side and the pay is decent. :) What are you studying at college?
    I've been a fan of the Harry Potter series for the past 11 years and I still re-read the books. :) Sadly I don't have much time for reading now, but I'll pretty much read any crime novel if you wave it around in front of my face. :p
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