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  • Yeah, when Josh can do those air combos it is like "omg bonk yes!" :3 Keep playing because I can't really comment on stuff until you finish Week 2 or I'll spoil more than I want.
    As soon as I'm done playing Catherine I'm gonna make my PSN account and add you. :D OKAY, I won't... is the auto battle for your team?

    Everybody is telling me to get Infamous. xD
    And I actually do want the Batman games... I have a bunch I want, like the new Tomb Raider.
    I don't have one yet! But I definitely will once I set it all up. I literally bought the thing yesterday before work so I haven't had time to set it all up yet.
    Well, I thought she/he was attractive, but it was mainly joking. I am well aware that she is a transexual/man, I was just joking in that thread.
    Yep, I'm leaving it till Friday cause I'll be able to give a more accurate time (which will probably be this weekend sometime). You're not forgotten.
    It's easier to learn on your own, but I'll try.

    Set up a pin deck that has a lot of heavy pins (you can find the info on page 3), and with lots of saves. You'll fail for sure if you don't use the saves (used with the D-pad/ABXY) for stuff. And learn the Rock Paper Scissors relationships between the moves.

    Once you get the basics down, it's extremely easy.
    You have learned the first law of TWEWY.

    Joshua is a dick.

    Oh, there's no spoiler. You're the one asking how long the game is (or at least you were the other day). :p

    And also, just play and beat the damn thing so you don't have to worry about spoilers. And what I said about Joshua doesn't spoil his identity, it's just character traits you should've already seen.
    Joshua is supposed to come off as a little bit queer. Also a bit of a troll. That's what I meant.

    Second... yes. But that's all I'll say.
    Yeah, that's an intended innuendo.

    You're not a beast. It doesn't get truly tricky until Week 3.
    Lol Ah, then I'm a wimp. xD I did everything on Hard (and Ultimate later on for the stuff) but Auto-battle xD

    Haha, you'll get to use every character again so it isn't going to waste at all. :3

    Haha, I was already level ★ by time Joshua Day 2. (you can guess who went on a leveling up spree xD) It is really addictive leveling up. Easy to do in this game and yet it isn't annoying or a downfall, especially since you can change your level at any time.
    Ah, you are good then~

    Why? What's Josh doing? Is it his combos or his personality? He is a real jerk, but you learn to like him or you never do.
    Lol, you say that now but you'll need to use it later on when the battles get harder and you need to concentrate on just Neku. The auto-battle feature is only for your partner because manually controlling both gets chaotic against hard bosses. You can still control your partner even if auto-battle is on, but this way if you stop using them, the AI will take over.

    Hm...maybe you need to scan Hachiko...
    Lol, Well, each food item has a certain amount bytes and I think you can only eat 16 bytes a day. When you battle, the bytes change from a color to grey, meaning they have been eaten then once the slot is empty you can feed them more food until you reach the daily limit. Each food can give stat boosts like increasing your ATT, BRV, and HP. They also increase the sync rate, which is what increases the accuracy of your partner's fighting when in auto-battle.

    The sync rate won't go up if you feed them food they don't like and they will tell you if they don't.

    Lo, well, the Command system was partly inspired by TWEWY so :3 The music is amazing, and really everything in the game is perfect.

    You select the [!!!] over Hachiko then you should change to a screen where you polish it. You might have to do something else before polishing it if that isn't hovering over it.

    Oh, a good tip is to wait a few seconds without moving and you can talk to your partner. They usually provide tips on what you need to be doing.
    You should use a pin evolution guide to help with pins that evolve...um, you can change the time of your DS and speed up Shut Down Pin Points (but only up to seven days)

    Remember this game uses almost all aspects of the DS so you gotta think creative. A Pig noise won't die? Close the screen and open it and see if that did something. Or use your partner to fight it. Forced to use a specific pin by a Reaper in battle? You might want to try out the mic. Bravery is your best friend so feed them foods that will give a lot of BRV, and make sure the characters like what they are eating or they will totally be out of sync for battle.

    Um...and YEAH. That is all I can think of for right now.
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