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  • I'm aware of that, but the other one - disregarding that it was made by staff - already had more content in it, and was entirely translated.
    Man, I just came up with a funny story about Larxene and Demyx. It's kinda ridiculous. But, here's the story goes. Demyx was up last night playing his sitar and Larxene happened to be in the Grey Area discussing with Marluxia how to take over the Organization. But, their conversation was interrupted by Demyx's loud sitar. So, the meeting was canceled and Larxene decided to do something horrific to Demyx. Go into the Bathroom That Never Was and wear her bikini. Demyx ended up puking for a whole month. I know it sounds stupid. By the way I'm xiolio_tiessa628. Nice Young Master Xehanort pic.
    I suppose you'd be laughing, except I contributed nothing to the vandalism and was merely an observer of it, so it's not like I've lost anything through it being reverted.
    Okay, as fucking hilarious as I find the state of your website to now be in, I haven't had anything to do with it.
    User:Maggosh - Enough fan-made Information to fill Disney Castle's Broom Closet!

    I think I threw up a little.
    XD I didn't write it in Romaji. I was just messing around and thought, "HMMM. Xigbar is so beautiful he breaks my heart!" Hence the user title. But I'll put it in, thanks. :)
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