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  • You do? :3 *blocks keyblade*

    Most of the time. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night as if it's morning. And when I wake up, I have a hard time getting back to sleep.

    Awwww! ;_; *grabs you, pulls you to a place with snow* Maybe it doesn't snow there cuz your so hot! (; xD

    You'd enjoy it here, it's cool and clear outside right now, :)
    xD Nah, I just like to grr. :3 *does strike raid*


    Aww. :( How much sleep do you actually get?

    You don't get snow? ;_; Haha. I hope your comfy there at least. :)
    Grrrrr! *takes a swing*

    I am not! *glances around* why would you think such a thing? :3

    Always? :(

    We're heading into Winter here, so it's getting darker. Yeah, they don't seem to know how to be quiet when getting ready for school. Oh well. xD
    Hey! *glares at you*

    Never heard that before? Huh. How about crazy? It works too. xD

    I wish there was something I could do about it! ;_;

    Daylight Savings times always screw me up. xD I'm usually not up this early, I was woken up and couldn't get back to sleep.
    Haha, if you wanna fight! *summons Kingdom Key D*

    I'm not a stalker! Such outlandish claims! :3

    I'm sorry about your insomnia! *hugs* ^^

    It says it's 8 am here, but I'm not sure if that's right or not. :p
    No, it's mine! ^_^

    Actually, I saw a post where you mentioned Sydney or something, so...yeah. xD

    Your staying up late! Can't get to sleep?
    You're welcome! ^^ Yes, it is great to meet new people here. Do I detect Australia? And thanks! :) How are you today?
    Hi! :) I luv your avvy and sig! ^_^ I've seen you on here a few times, figured I'd say hello! I'm Blade, nice to meet you! :D
    yup I loved cheetor too... but he just looked utterly badass the first time I saw him in transmetal 2
    the first sig is from Beast wars: transformers otherwise known as beasties, it's cheetor's transmetal 2 beast mode and I'm good
    I'm not being mean! I think it's awesome:) My current GF has been my best friend for 3 years now:) And at College I'm probably gonna study Economics, coz I like dem moneyz xD

    Are you gonna go to College? What'll you study?:)
    I am VERY snazzy thank you :p haha!
    Yea I've been wanting to find a decent Naruto RP but everyone is a total hardass with applications and what not so I thought I'd come here to RP instead and then I started posting and lurking elsewhere and yea!
    Pretty soon, I'll be going to college D:
    Aww your first boyfriend? That's cute :3 I bet he's super awesome haha:)
    You'll be 18 in 9 hours? Well Happy pre-emptive birthday! I turned 18 last February:D
    I'm still sorry for leaving! But yes, I am back now, and RPing again :D
    And I've been really awesome thanks:) I recently graduated, and one year ago today I started dating my girlfriend! So I've been really well!
    God I've missed you!
    Oh noes don't cry! At least they're happy tears haha:)

    Sorry, I kinda just disappeared from the site without warning... I feel super bad about that :/

    How have you been? It's been forever! :)
    Not a problem, always looking to help a fellow KHI member and friend.

    If you need any more help, don't be afraid to ask.
    Change your signature, copy the URL, delete it, then add whatever you want (for example, "My DeviantArT"), highlight it, click the image of Earth in next to the photo and text color editor in the bar over the editing, paste the URL, hit save, and enjoy.
    Wanna know how to link your DeviantArt in your signature instead of using its URL?
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