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  • OMG !!!!!!! LAVI IS THE DUDE !!!!!! he's my favorite character in the show ( you can really notice that )

    i also make him my OC character ( but instead of his personality i put my own personality )

    i put him in the High School RP nami made ( i also put Allen in it but as his little brother
    oh cool how many years of high school do you have to take ??? ( i guess the first too years over there are Junior HS over here which is 7-8 grade )
    sure i will ( i read sombie powder but it has nothing to do with that Xp ) i saw it but i never got back to it
    oh cool so you live in Uk huh Sophmore is the second year of HS

    well i read fairy tale, naruto, one piece, bleach, d. gray man, DNangel those types of manga ( i like D.Gray-man and Fairy tail so far , Naruto is getting boring )
    no just i gotta go to school early ( i wake up at 6:30 to catch the bus )
    so idk what happened but i just was knocked out an i woke up when my alarm went off
    really what manga you read?
    so i guess your a Sophmore in HS huh ( cuz of your age unless you lied about your age ) ? or how i like to say your a S'more ? ( i am a S'more too )
    well pretty cool
    posting in my Rp ( i have to catch up since i fell asleep early yesturday )
    how bout you ? = )

    I made a Kingdom Hearts High School roleplay, if ya wanna join. x]
    Ohhhh, nothing much. Just muddling about.
    I'm tempted to make a KaitoxMiku siggie, but I always mess up couple grafics.
    But then I mean it when it is GAZILLIONS!!! O.O You have to be given a week with no rest or two weeks with rest.....
    Nah, not really. And everytime I try and make one, it never takes off. x ]
    nah, it's a picture his friend took while he was at school and he uploaded it to photobucket. he's adorable, yes. the best part about it was that he was a virgin.
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