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    Well, I don't know if you should change that. Its a lovely quality. Being invested in others I mean. It is good that you can give up things you would like for the better of others. And I was glad to hear you had a bit of stubborness in you because really all I could think when I read the first paragraph was 'you are going to be so whipped in a relationship.' However, you stepping away from things could cause issues in themselves. Let alone give off a cowardly experience. You need to have a good balance between knowing when to get angry and knowing when to be calm. You need to be able to strive on your own accord. I am only like this because of how life has treated me so far. To be honest, i'm a horrible person when it comes to relationships of any kind. I'm selfish and stubborn and very opinionated. Some people I know cannot handle my brute honesty with what I think of them and it wrecks many friendships I have. Pair that with commitment issues and you have one hell of a package. Being a only child in a broken family and bullied half my life taught me in my eyes that there is only one person you can rely on: yourself. If anything having a father like mine taught me was that life is going to hand you oppurtunities. You have to work for them. I guess you could say thats where my determination stems from. I strive to be nothing like my father. Thats just turned me incredibly headstrong. Something not many people look for in a friend. If anything, its best to be able to be pushed around a bit. Rather than to be the vicious woman who when pushed will push you back just as hard only to kick you in the ribs before leaving. <---- metaphor. I don't believe in violence.

    Thank god someone else thinks that! I see so many relationships where people seem to be attached to their significant other's hip! I just don't understand how anyone could take that! They are two different people with two very different personalities who should live very different lives. Thats what I believe couples should be like. Should you see each at times. Not every single moment of a day. Quality over Quantity. Afterall, what the hell would you have to talk about at the dinner table!? Thats how love should be! You should think about eachother, adore eachother, chesire one another. Not cling to eachother like your life depends on it. I do believe I am developing quite a respect for you Mr Morpheaus.

    You think its hard to find love in your town? Have you ever been to Australia? Its like one land of small towns. All connected very closely. Almost everyone here is the same. They want to live here there whole lives. Have little australian babies. Teach little australian schools. They laugh at the idea of culture and adventure. It scares them to bits. They pretend to appreicate new ideas but hate when they are put in motion. Tradionalists. All of them. Why, a female couple walking hand in hand in New York? Wouldn't bat a eye. Here? People gossip about them everywhere they go. People laugh about seeing something like that in shock. Its ridiculous. And don't even get me started on the lack of artistic ambition. We are a little island in a big, big world. Something many of them don't seem to understand. There is more to Australia and by god, I can't wait till I can go out and see it all.

    I'm sure you'll meet someone. Not quite sure why you limit yourself to just that town...there is a whole world out there you know? Right on your doorstep. For all you know the right girl could be in...Sweden? Just picking a country at random.

    And my god man that was poetic! Thank you by the way! I really adore that profile. Its the first i've done in a year and half. Unfortunately, the owner of the roleplay is concerned that my 'strength' does not have enough limits so we are talking that out. Figuring out how to make him more limited. I don't really mind, makes him more of a coward, thats all. I did actually read one of your recent posts by the way and I must say that I was very impressed. I do not understand from both this conversation and that character basis why you do not write for a living. You are quite talented. Have you ever considered it? If I could write that well I certainly would.

    And its okay. I don't mind. Its nice to meet a fellow rambler. Makes more conversation, does it not?
    Sorry for out-typing you! (Also known as rambling.)
    Hmmm perhaps that is exactly what I am. I just do not see the point in loving someone for their outer appearance or gender. To me, neither body is very attractive until I adore the person. At which point, the idea of 'sex' isn't about 'just sex'. Its about showing someone you love them. Treasuring that person on a whole new level. And whether that person be male or female - why should it come into the equation? You do not love someone because of their body but instead because of their true selves. Because of who they are. That sense of adventure in love I do not feel should be limited to a outer shell. However, that is just me. Perhaps that creates a more competitive market but it does not happen to matter anyhow. I'm not one for romance. Or should I say, not one for finding it. I tend to find people cannot grasp me on that level and usually leave as soon as they see it fit. I do not see the benefits of a relationship. I'm young and who am I to know of love? It would merely get in the way of everything I have planned. I am someone who will always put their future before love. That is, until my ideals of my future is fulfilled. Call it selfish but until that day comes...well, a relationship would merely weigh me down. An idea I do not enjoy in the slightest.

    There is nothing wrong with being an idealist. It is quite sweet. Your views on love are completely understandable and I do find myself agreeing with them. That is why I question why 'gays' should be limited to non-marriage commitments. After all, the very idea of marriage to me is the definition of wanting to spend the rest of your life with that person. To want to adore that person and cherish them to your greatest. To go as far as to be bound by law in a statement of how you greatly you feel about them. That is not limited to straight men and women. Than again, I think everyone longs for that dream. Of having someone to love and hold and hold them in return. I'm sure you'll find someone. You seem quite intelligent and you are able to hold conversion. It would be frightening to think that I am the only woman who finds that attractive. Something I highly doubt.

    Hmmm...it seems we are a lot alike in the idea of characters. I feel that if you are making a character from apart of you and not just that part of you imagination going 'wow! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!' you have an extra connection. That your character's actions become more fulfilling. I don't really have gripping characters. Least I don't find them as such. I just finished a profile for the role play 'Dance of Chaos' and I have yet to see if it will be accepted though I hope it is. I enjoy that character. Its odd considering I haven't even begun to write him properly. Yet his power of reflections. His obsession with reflections interests me. Because really, mirrors hold so many possibilities. And the idea of him being inspired by the high and lows one constantly feels is something I love as well. That he has 'two ways of personality'. To some, he can seem sweet. A honest man. A good man. To be others he despises, he is cruel. Sarcastic and filled with sharp insults. Wit that stabs through the heart. And really, isn't that true? That we are different people to everyone we meet? No human has one real identity. A name can mean many different things to many different people.
    Not a lesbian. I'm a thing called Pansexual. Most people are not educated upon it so I usually just say 'bisexual'. Gay in a sense. It is a sexuality of people referred to as 'Gender-Blind'. I find no attraction to men, women or transgered and only develope feelings and desire for someone once falling for their personalities. Often referred to as 'personality-sexuality.' Sorry to wreck your irony good sir! Hmmm...it is a good point however. As you said, we are all flawed so how can we judge? I do so agree with your problems of procrastination. At the moment I should be doing my english assesement but I really cannot be bothered. Well, thats unfortunate. I like when I can talk to the people in roleplays. I use to be apart of a decently well known roleplay called the 'commision'. The mods hated us but it was glorious for the members. Its why I came back actually. I missed everyone of whom I had met in there. Though, I have to say that if you find something a bore : turn it into something interesting. I'm not saying go for any roleplay. But like you there is really no roleplays for me out there recently. So? What do I do? I make insane characters who have issues. More complex minds. I fiddle around with that and bend the plots to make things interesting to write about for my character. If one does not like it - find a new view upon it.
    .........That is so undeniably sexy. Hahaha, sorry! Bet you were expecting something more 'meaningful' than that. I just find nothing more attractive than a man who is so sure of his sexuality as to not believe in the lies of 'gay conversion'. Especially if they have, in my opinion, such a good belief in their lifestyle. Bet yes! That is exactly what I mean! Let people be free to be who they are. If they are not bothering you, victimising you, why would you mock them for it? Their business is theirs and yours is yours. Thought it seems we should see each other on the same forums quite a lot of the time. Like you, I'm only active in role plays. But I sometimes roam and see things that interest me.
    Glad I amuse you so. Sorry, if you are gay perhaps. I am just use to saying people like me. Society still isn't as open as i'd like. We still have a 'us' against them policy i've noticed in the lgtb community. The boundary is slowly breaking but we got some way to go. I live for the day where I can see two same gender couples being taught to kids, etc. I doubt it will be soon however. You know, I think I like you just from that sentence. Thats the type of lifestyle I like. Let people do what they want when they want. Its no one elses business. I think I enjoy you already. Hello!

    P.S And here I thought had seen me in the roleplaying section or something...
    Oh its fine. I just tend to try and get to know people who befriend me before accepting their requests. I hope it is not to preach to me about 'living in the wrong'. Because trust me, people like me get that much too often.
    Why hello! (..........................................)
    This battle of ours seems to be making me very much verbose.

    But perhaps that's precisely what a character like Deus needs in his posts. So much detail and thought going about in so little time. I'll have my next post up tomorrow, but it's nearly complete as-is.
    Sent you an add request, if you get nothing for ten minutes, can you try adding jezza-147@hotmail.com?

    The story so far is really basic, and it's been moving at a slow pace and is actuall pretty much dead, but myself and others will soon work to fix that and hopefully get it moving once more. Pretty much, the administrator of the city of KHI - essentially a self-contained city in the middle of the ocean, think GTA-esque cities) - Shamdeo, has been murdered in roleplay town on Christmas Eve, and the roleplay's only really gotten to the next day where all the moderators are getting together to discuss anything related that may have been going down in their own section. The roleplay's basically at the stage where things are going to pick fairly quickly, if the other manager and I can just sort a couple of things out before we progress.
    I would definitely enjoy being able to revive that battle. Mind you, I haven't touched the charactef of Deus for a year or more, but I'm sure I'll get back into his rocket boots just fine.

    I know you have a Windows Live account listed on your KHI profile, but how active is it? There's a roleplay myself and another member are hosting that is essentially KHI turned into a city with all sorts of underground shenanigans going on, the events in the roleplay, of course, focussed around Roleplay Town. I need to be able to discuss some stuff with you in private, preferably in a more timely manner than PMs, since knowing you're making a return of sorts, planned events might need to change in the roleplay.
    I'm the guy who used to be infinity, with whom you had that one sci-fi battle between Archelius and Deux Ex Machina, if you recall.
    That is annoying. If I have to leave, I try to be courteous enough to leave a note that I won't be posting for a while, or not accept at all if I know I'm going to be gone. The problem with having inactive higher rank members I suppose
    So I see. Glad to hear you'll be sticking around then. Seventh Void has requested that our current battle be frozen, so I'm open for a challenge
    haha, I'm honored. But it's true I suppose; life takes hold, especially for these kids that are in junior year or in college. I expect once I go to college that I'll have to maintain a low, but steady presence as well. We can only hope that this Battle section has a few more hurrah's left in it.
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