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Mythological Omega

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  • Meh, not the end of the world, there's always GoW 1 & 2 and many others...and GH <_<
    Eh there are many complaints but damnit I wanted it >;3
    I have many more on the list worth buying so we'll see in the future..

    Oh and I'd buy that but the price tag and lack of space doesn't allow me to -_-
    Oh god yes it does, I still can't surmise how I acquired a girlfriend v.v or the fact I have friends at all for that matter. Ironically I'm likable by many; damn paradoxes.

    Not much, deciding on what to do next, either a) play H3 b) play Sim City 4 (which I've been itching to do all day) or c) go to sleep, which I need to do but considering the forums and I'll be bugged to death since it's New Years I might stay up a tad longer. Oh, thanks I'm glad you noticed, I get very few compliments about that :) hearing another one brightens up my day even more.
    Oh hey :D not much is going on ATM. And that's ok, I'm actually quite shy myself so no need to worry. Glad you decided to stop by and say hello though.
    sadly i don't have rock band 2 ): sigh
    I am a broke mutha fucka haha with my life ahead of me. I already got an idea of what my college life is gonna be like :O school and working my ass off
    Very nice dude, I would love to have the Ions but.... no money hahaha
    Haven't talked to you in a while, how was christmas?
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