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Mythological Omega

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  • And the recommendations pour in. Though I am glad to have them.

    I've heard a little of their music, and from that sampling, I can't say that the vocalist really impressed me. I'll definitely give it another listen though, thanks.
    I do like Literature, although it's nowhere near as active as I'd like. No one reads anymore, it seems. Other then lit though, I'm often in Discussion.

    Where else do you prefer, besides GVG?
    With both Galen and Cameron in there constantly, the music section is going to be pretty excellent, I agree.
    I can certainly empathize with the internet issues, my signal often likes to randomly stop, sometimes for months at a time. It's good to hear that you've got yours back though, hopefully you'll post a bit more actively again.
    Thank you, it's always nice to be congratulated.

    I've been alright though recently, although nothing terribly exciting has happened in the last few weeks. Although I've reaffirmed my distaste of walking to school in the snow, a mile is a long way when there's three inches of snow.

    How about you, how've you been?
    DarkGuardian, Dream (lol makes me think of that girl group) is teh coolest guy evah!

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