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  • "Why hello there Mr. Cyan Sage. I am Kato. I doubt you care or anything, i just wished to introduce myself." Kato's smile was pasted on his face as he stood there watching the Cyan Sage carefully.
    this confuses me did you actually talk to him? that wouldn't make sense because it he says that he left the docks already following verisophiles.
    Um, what. Kokuei never said his name. So how the hell would Lirin know his name. So, edit that please :3
    Well, that would be okay if they were on the ground. They're in the air, but a good distance away from where Akoku is. So, basically, Akoku wouldn't know who Trunks' son is unless, of course if Akoku has good hearing(lol), then guess he does know xD.
    well that might be so, but hell akoku was up in the air for chirst's sake, and Langoku was on the ground. Unless Akoku has good hearing - which he shouldn't have - Akoku shouldn't even know about Langoku is Trunks's son.

    So bottom line, edit it accordingly to what I'm asking; not too much if you ask me.
    Umm, nate. There is no way Akoku could know that Langoku is Trunks' son. Need you to edit that in your post. Also, Trunks wouldn't know any other Z-fighter aside from anybody that had to do with anything during the events of Buu saga, and GT events. Seeing how Akoku came from outer-space, he doesn't know trunks.
    So, yeah, BITLOH is forever gone. Just a collection of BS that will never be again now.

    And for JL's words, I happen to be a dang good writer!
    Nate, I know who he is. Don't act all high and mighty. I was previously a member of this website under a different name, so I've been here much longer than you. Ubi is a strong writer, but I don't like his gary-stu characters. If he said 'oh, my character can destroy an entire damn galaxy' and added some complex yet vague explanation as to why, would you go along with that? Unless it had some strong relation to the world's universe or plot, I'd damn well shoot it down. Besides, it was an 'opinion'--Random could have very easily ignored me and kept the RP running, as I was about to leave it anyways.

    Seriously, don't pick fights.
    Then Johnny had the guts to talk crap on me? Granted he said he didn't mean it like that, but it did piss me off further.
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