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  • So I just got an award notification, saying I got nominated from you?
    Thank you so much! It means a lot, especially given the award itself.
    Man, I'm still so new at this so it might be awkward, but uh, should anything I can do to repay the kindness come up, just let me know!
    I like the signature by the way. It reminds me of a mixture Kill Bill and You Only Live Twice. Cottonmouth was always my favorite assassin.
    Hehe. I don't know about a good reputation, but I certainly built a reputation. xD Is it one of those um... Criterion Collections? I looove Kwaidan. Ya, I've seen way too many movies. Now I get bored so easily because I feel like I've seen everything that I would like.
    I adore the entire Alien franchise (barring AvP) so I quite enjoyed Prometheus. There were so many neat parallels between it and Alien that I loved, plus... I finally got to know about the Space Jockey. It did suffer from some issues but definitely not enough to make me dislike the film at all.

    I'm really anxious to get a sequel and see where they take the story from there. c:
    Ooh, I'd love to look into that! :) Currently stuck pulling an all-nighter to work on a final exam project for my sociology class. Dx Wish me luck! ^_^
    i think it is tbh. i haven't seen TLMB in a while but i have a good feeling it is
    Yeah sites I have been on (and even took staff positions of) tend to be super restricting. I like the open feel of this one a lot, tbh
    It's shocking that there isn't a set limit (in the rules or something). Most forums I have been to have that, not saying its a bad thing not to have it though. The one I planned on having isn't large at all compared to 1000, lol

    Thanks for answering!
    Could you tell me what the max resolution for an image in my signature. I didn't want to use one without knowing first. Thanks for the friend request btw
    PM sent! :D

    I have! :) Another thing that I've noticed is how the presence of a song can completely alter the vibe of a scene. In the most recent film project I did, there was a particularly intense scene that I was in that scared the crap out of most of the people that were on set that day. However, in the final product, the scene became incredibly comical through how it was edited and especially the music that accompanied the scene.
    Would you be interested in reading a sample of story, by any chance? :)

    Agreed. However, I also look for songs that are able to convey multiple emotions at once. :)
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