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  • I figured since it was on your "about me" that you preferred that. xD OK, Nov! And I don't mind, I'm Michael!~ ^^ But you can call me Blade. :)
    Hello Reetta! ^^ Nice to meet you, I'm Xblade13! You can call me Blade! (I can tell you my real name too, If you want) :)
    I was totes serious at the time!!! lol

    Ahahahaha, I do that. Generally I don't go out of my room unless I have to eat, or go to the bathroom. I might as well not be there for all the difference it would make to anyone else. Exerciiise, I really need to exercise. Normally I do but with school and other personal problems I tend to forget and so I'm getting so faaat! Haha, okay its not actually like that but I do enjoy exercising because I feel so good afterwards that its primarily why I do it besides losing all my belly fat. I'm sure you did fiiiine

    Generally I'm a fan of stealth games and AC does seem pretty cool, but I just haven't really had the money or time to get into that series -- I'd love to though. The thing is that a lot of other series comes first since I did play the first AC and it was okay although I hear the later games are much better. Still, maybe once I finish this semester I can get into them provided I don't end up spending too much time getting into other stuff that has higher priorities. like animu o3o There's a few I've been dying to see and one or two I want to rewatch.
    I don't know yet, lol.
    But having such a big, demanding company as a customer on the other hand shows also that our company is expanding. So it's a double-edged sword.
    The bosses are contemplating hiring more employees though to distribute work between the main customers better. 7pm or 8pm, those are the "regular" times by now for me at the moment.
    Oh yeah, that's a neat idea, lol. I wonder when I finally find time to write on at all. I finished chapter 43 months ago and have not written more because of missing time, not because of writers block or something like that.

    I see, hehe, alright, if I remember right you have two chapters already to review then. ^___^
    Haha, I think most people at one point wanted to be actors when they were kids. I know I used to want that which is why I even considered it, but nah. Maybe one day, but so far I want to focus on art in general and/or chemistry. Ah, yeah, I can see how it might be more difficult over there.

    Umm, kind of. It felt slightly bigger than the community college I'm going to which is barely bigger than the high school I attended, haha. Whoo, yeah, I can't wait for that. I think that even after 1 day I would more than welcome the idea of not living with my family haha, but in a way I think it'll take some getting use to. The only downside so far is my dog which I love more than anything right now, so it's going to suck not having her around. Ouch, haha that sucks, having to live miles away from the actual school. Luckily the dorms in the one I'm going to is right in the middle of the campus. A month?!? what kind of exam was that?

    I thought about getting Skyrim, but chose not to because I just don't get the appeal in large, open worlds like that where people seem to like to waste time running around aimlessly. Well, I think I sort of understand why people like that, but it doesn't appeal to me specifically. Ah, yeah, I was also on planning on getting AC3 but I dunno, kind of want to get the other games and finish them but that won't happen for a while.

    This one has 22 episodes though, seems kind of strange although the ratings did drop near the end of the season.
    Yeah, I have a dream, too and it's going to be hard to reach it, too. But I know I'll get to my dream soon. :)

    Lol, very!

    All right!! I'm pumped up for the new chapter of Hearts in Union! :D
    I guess. I asked my counselor a few months ago if it was possible for me to have two majors (just so that I can have something else to fall back on) and she said that I could. Whether or not people end up actually picking two is another matter. I could've picked another area of art, but decided not to. I wanted it to be something different, but I had no idea what else to pick. I've always had a knack for science and it is something that I do enjoy; all that really stops me from striving towards that is my greater desire for drawing and art in general. Haha I could've picked theater which is acting, but I don't think I have that sort of confidence -- not yet anyway.

    I've been to the campus once and it was really nice. lmao yeah same here, although it's really more that I'm fed up of living with my family and so I can't wait till I get out of here. It may be a few hours away but that's good enough for me haha. Busesssss, yeah they're a big major pain and hopefully I do get to live in the dorms so that I don't have to live somewhere else and take the bus to get to school. Nooo, sounding confident is good, you gotta be el confidente

    idk, I should probably focus more on school xD but yeah, if I could live off playing video games all day, I totally would. Yeah, I dunno, I mean I guess I could try but I have a big enough backlog of games as it is. Which is funny because despite that I keep buying more games haha, but hopefully during winter vacation I can knock out a few. Would've done it over the summer, but I spent so much time watching TV shows that I hardly played anything.

    Haha, there is no hurry really since they canceled the 2nd season which is really whack because of the way the 1st season ends. It's good, although its kind of a jumbled mess sometimes in that it has too much going on, but does a nice job of resolving some things at the end.
    Haha, it's general, but I'm not "studying" biology in that sense; it's only one class and I'm only taking it because it's a requirement for me to transfer to a university. My main major is art, although I'm not quite sure what I want to do just yet or what would be the best route. Once I transfer I'll actually have two majors and the other one will be chemistry. I could've picked another area of art like graphic design, but I have always liked science and thought "hey, why not" lol

    Yeah, there's something similar in here. For example the university I'm going to next year has two campus (or would that be campuses lol). There's one very near where I live and then there's is one in San Diego, which is like 3 hours away. Obviously the one I chose to apply to is the one in San Diego xD so I can understand wanting to not live in a certain town haha. Hope you do well on that test!!

    Sure~ it's 4983-6302-1158 I'll add you when I can and when I get your FC o3o Yeah, as far as I'm aware, it's not out in Europe and idk if they will release it there eventually or what. It's pretty fun, kind of short, but fun; didn't mind that it was short because I got tons of games I have to play haha. Although it did take me over a week to finish it since I've been busy. I probably shouldn't play as many vidya games as I do haha but it's my passion, I just enjoy it. Pokemoon, moooon, haha, that's cool though. I'd get pokemon but nah, I can't seem to get interested.

    Uhh, well without spoiling too much about what happens, it's about two sisters who are twins and one of them starts to take over the life of the other. Sounded cool so I watched it, and I got hooked.
    Hi. Yea. I noticed, but it was somewhat expectable that you would be busy. ^__^
    I'm really on the busy side as well atm, often working overtime three days out of five a week, so I should really think about cutting down my on-time even more than it already is, as I realize that my attention span has diminished and I tend to misinterpret some things.
    Glad you got the mail, and no hurry, chapter 29 was dished out this week so there are two weeks time right now. ;)
    Reviews are always nice, but don't feel forced to it, okay? ^___^
    Just been busy with school, it's been very hectic but that's no doubt due to the nature of biology and statistics. Other than that getting ready to transfer to a university!! Turned in my application today for Fall 2013 and hopefully I'll get to live in the dorms. Other than that, just playing vidya games as usual, haha. I got Code of Princess for the 3DS so I've just been playing that on my free time. I've also been watching a TV show called Ringer which started out really good and while it has gone down a bit in quality imo, it's still good -- shame it got canceled.
    I can see that. :p

    Yeah, lol. xD but somehow I think you'll do fine on whatever you do in life.

    Yes, sadly.. But at least I can use it for a pillow. xDD

    Yeah, something like that.

    Have you checked the new chapter of Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Union? It's amazing!!
    I refuse to become an politician, lol.

    Ugh, when will Math ever stop coming to our daily lives?! D:

    Thank you! It'll be an long road, but I'll get there eventually.
    We'll see how this works in the future anyways. The next chapter would be due not this, but the following weekend if we want to heed the schedule now. ;)
    Yeah, although it didn't get to be put up before midnight, lol, as answering the comments took me longer than anticipated.

    Those you can only regain if they aren't that old so that the sources are still available. Most of the sites I got my older Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion stuff from are already offline, not to mention Hunter X Hunter.

    That's why I would ultimatively decide against such and approach. ;P
    No issue as you warned about being busy beforehand, lol.
    I'm still busy answering some other people, *ggg*. I will get this thing up before midnight this day my time though.

    I have so many collected pictures and music I would be quite saddened to lose, not to mention my own self-made stuff and written pieces.

    I'd probably called an online-nerd who has a few screws loose to put the smooth release schedule of a fanwork over the education success of my part-time proofreader, rofl.
    Yep, yep!!

    Yeah, it can be, but what can you do about it..?

    Ooh, I loved Psychology, so maybe that's a start for me. I also wanted to be a cop, but I'm deaf.. :( but, strangely enough, a few years ago, a deaf man became the first deaf cop, but he died during his break.. :( so, I hope to do it anyway.
    I see, that's very dedicated. Nice and appreciated. ^___^
    Welp, I know that, I probably won't be able to answer the still open reviews and set up chapter28 before dinner as I just realized I have still three more VMs and Emails to attend to that need to be answered, lol.

    Exactly, it's no use to muse over stuff when everything turns out well in the end. ;)
    Losing your complete data is surely one hell of a nightmare, that's why you always stick to update your backups.

    If I could I probably even would, although I would surely earn some headshaking and/or weird glances, rofl.
    Haha, yeah, maybe. xD

    I don't like delays.. -__- it's annoying, lol.

    That's very neat! Ugh, politics sucks. Too much talking and never getting anything done.. It's an miracle we are able to function correctly in the world.

    Umm.. Well, good questions, lol. I never get anything done because once I start and after a while, I forgot about it and never came back, so.. not sure, lol. xD
    Lol, Sephly probably will say, "WHAT?!" :O

    Ah.... we better hope it doesn't happen again, lol. It would be bad if it did.. that would mean no more stories. :(

    Lol, I think I might go to college, just to get out of the house and helping out at my public library in town. I'm not sure what major I will take, but it has to be very good and interesting for me.
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