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  • That's quick, lol.
    Alrighty, I'll get right at it, there's still an hour before dinner time. *ggg*.

    I see, that caused a small delay then...well, that's the problem when one has two places where you store stuff and they're like, half a country away from each other.
    Yep, external storage is a neccessity, never trust a computer 100%, even if it functions correctly for years.

    Would it be asked too much if they give you the assignments the weeks right after a chapter release, lol?So that the second week has some free room for proofread? *ggg*.
    YAY!!! wait, he owns us two!! for last weekend AND this one! Double chapters for one! xD

    But I'll take what I can. Hahah.

    Ugh, I know how that goes with my computer.. it doesn't want to work with me sometimes when I need it the most, haha. Wow, I'm glad I graduded out of school 2 years ago, lol, otherwise, I won't make it through anymore school works.
    Ok! Yay!! ^_^

    Where were you?! Selphy and most of us were worried about you since you didn't send the updated version of Hearts in Union.
    That sounds good. Lol, I dunno if you're noticed it, but I have some rather eager new readers at hand as the thread shows. ^___^
    Reviewing that first is probably the better idea as 28 starts a whole new situation and location. ;)

    o_0. Computers acting wacky, you either gotta wonder or just shrug and set everything up again, *ggg*.
    Thank goodness for mobile hard drives and DVDs to make backups of important data.

    Like a bunchload of work, then a time nothing, then another bunchload of work at once? Ouch, that's not very time-friendly.
    Well, chapter 27 has just been out so we have essentially two weeks time anyways. ;)

    Format computers. 0_o
    Yikes, hopefully not a virus.

    School assignments again huh? Can't do anything about that. This has to have priority.
    To be honest I did expect something along those lines asyou also haven't yet said anything about chapter 26 (and 27 is out by now). lol.
    I have certainly no problem slacking off for a while, lol. And if I do something during such times it's going to be fun stuff and no real work, *ggg*.
    Heh, I'm now through with the game, already cleared every secret portal and got the Unbound Keyblade as well as defeated Julius to get Ultima.
    Collecting the special portals is strenuous though since they only change when you drop and portals that have been already cleared respawn sometimes instead of the few I haven't yet cleared. So it requires continuous drops.
    Collecting enough rare materials for the better Dream Eaters is also a tad of a chore.
    I was never one for rushing games, maybe that's why I have so many not yet played.

    After finishing chapter 47 I have now made another break for a while, but the scenarios are nonetheless taking shape in my mind.

    There is just too much other stuff to pay attention to, rofl.
    Right now I am much more into using Firaga Burst and Dark Aura with Riku anyways.

    I was surely overleveled too, maybe around Level 52/53. Attacking that clock while YMX goes nuts on you with the BBS-Mysterious Figure moves is pretty intense though.

    That sounds good, then 27 can maybe put up sometime this weekend. ^___^

    Yep. ;)
    Eh? Wasn't it more like that some have so much to do during "vacation" that it doesn't feel like one at all? *ggg*
    I'll see what I can manage, in short order I'll now have to collect these letters with Sora during the ending first.
    I often take time with finishing my games, lol.

    That I have, *ggg*. It's so funny to flesh out all the stuff surrounding the main points and then see how readers react to stuff. ;)
    I'll send ya chapter 28 later today.

    <__< We have way too many games and way too few time.
    Yeah, the technique itself is shorter, although you can more or less "cheat" with the thing when you fight Ansem in DDD. When Ansem hurls you away to charge that super-laser in his second form you normally must flowmotion on the walls on the side to go back to Ansem. With Dark Splicer, all you need to do is lock on on Ansem and start the technique => Riku teleports directly beside Ansem. *ggg*.
    Problem? Ansem? (Riku with Trollface, hahaha).

    I also have "rushed" the last world of the game now more or less. YMX was challenging but not impossible, I didn't die on him.

    Yep, already read it. I'll answer to all reviews in short order and this evening I put up chapter 26. ;)

    No problem. ^__^
    Ahahaha, no wonder since I often see Finland in the borders of 1936 when I start a game of Arsenal of Democracy, *ggg*
    Haha, vacation from the vacation, that's always mean if you come from your holiday and are more stressed than before. *ggg*
    Yeah, I hope I can invest fully in writing then and probably finish either Days, my BBS 100% walkthrough or start Re: Coded.

    I sure hope it will be, *ggg*. Yep, it may become even more interesting when knowing that Kairi will dive into her own heart for the first time to meet a certain someone, which also includes watching an interesting (and foreshadowing) art gallery. ;P
    I can already reveal so much without going into spoilers that, after the first main antagonist makes himself known Mickey will have to speed up things and Sora and Riku will enter the Datascape through the digitizer built by Gyro Gearloose to meet their Data-Counterparts and learn more about the torment while Kairi begins her training under Queen Minnie, eventually befriending the Queen, Daisy and also Donald's nephews and Scrooge McDuck.

    Yep, understandable, not everyone wants to do a 100% save, but I think you can do a new game+ on this game, starting the game anew in a higher difficulty but retain all your Dream Eaters and commands from the first playthrough (Or just load up the clear save like in BBS to do more stuff).
    In fact, the Dark Splicer is very different from Time Splicer because they're two similar but still different attacks. Time Splicer is used by Aqua and Ventus in BBS, Dark Splicer however by Vanitas. Ven can use it too in the last battle when he has Vanitas as a D-Link. So Riku is actually using a variation of one of Vanitas' attacks.
    Shadowbreaker has very good reach, that's why I like it so much.

    That's reasonable, in Proud the enemies really do pose a bit more of a challenge. I always got my new Dream eaters only to A up to now except the rare ones from the AR cards.
    I spent sometimes five minutes or so to contemplate on a good name for my Dream Eaters. *ggg*.

    Sounds like you can proofread and review then without having to make haste, ;).

    Hah? Just use Souji Seta's provided AR Cards and you can get Frootz Cat, R & R Seal and Kab Cannon:
    An Unsung Hero, Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] North....
    It helps if you have some general knowledge on geography (and play Arsenal of Democracy, lol). You once said you're from Northern Finland the biggest city with R I know up there is Rovaniemi. Other finnish cities I can name besides Helsinki are Pori, Turku, Viipuri, Petsamo, Kaajani, Vaasa, Kuopio, Oulu, Tornio, Sein?joki, Tampere, Mikkeli, Sortavala and Joensuu, lol.
    I haven't told her yet, but she's rarely on the last weeks.
    Yep, it's annoying. I need some vacation. Luckily in September there will be some.
    Indeed quite a while. The next important stuff in chapter 27 is some relevations and more heartwrenching stuff coming over from 26, and some more with Sora. Starting with 28, we will have our focus on Kairi for the first time.
    I repeated the Dives until I had gold everywhere, lol, the Dive Wing looks really awesome, especially with Riku's battle stance.
    I don't even have Meteor Crash yet, only Meteor although I didn't use it for long. I've right now a fairly balanced Deck with Riku consisting of Shadowbreaker, Dark Firaga, Drain Dive, Curaga, Ballonga, Drop-Me-Not and Dark Splicer.
    Sora's is similar with Salvation, Ballonga, Curaga, Cura, Shadowbreaker, Drop-Me-Not and Prism Windmill.

    I haven't even yet created that many Dream Eaters yet because I want to collect more Materials to make them higher ranked.
    I have so far a Meow Wow (named Bouncy), Komory Bat (Icarus), Pricklemane (Furby), Yoggy Ram (Octavius), Toximander (Toxica), Hebby Repp (Tacitus), Tama Sheep (Shaun), Kooma Panda (Barret), Kab Cannon (Bismarck), Escarglow (Schneckchen), Weeflower (Aquabl?te), Meowjesty (King), Frootz Cat (Cherryjuice) and R & R Seal (Reetta).

    We were already much successful so far with eliminating too much ellipses and weird worded sentences. ^___^
    RL has to go priority most times, that can't be changed. ;)

    That was indeed one of the reasons I remember now, *ggg*, and another was surely because I found a cute seal would fit you. Not to mention the little guy as very useful abilities.
    City with R? Rovaniemi?
    A fellow German member, the Frootz Cat has a Cherry as a tail, so I thought "Cherryjuice" would fit.
    Bugfixing and delivery to customers. <__<
    Wouldn't all be such a problem if one would be informed early enough and not just one day before release...>___>
    Yea, I finally wrote the last paragraph yesterday, I think it became another dreadful cliffhanger, a real evil one.
    In DDD I now obtained Dive Wing with Riku and landed in the World that Never Was...and gosh, there are still so many characters missing in my character compendium.
    That's sweet, haha, I'll try to get up the next chapter this WE.

    Yes I did, I dunno why it suddenly overcame me, lol. But each one of the Dream Eaters is almost forbiddenly cute.
    My Frootz Cat is also named after a KHInsider friend. *ggg*.
    Yesterday again so long, bleh. ;P
    I did manage to finish chapter 47 now though. ^__^
    The chapters are tension filled throughout now and the parallel happening things between groups of characters require location hopping more often as well.

    Btw, did I already mention I named a Dream Eater after you, lol?
    My R & R Seal is named Reetta, *ggg*.
    Mine were rather long. Today I was at home only at 7.45pm. <__<

    Just as I may try out Critical when I am done with Proud...or make a 100% playthrough.

    I doubt you'll get the guidebook just in a store, even here in Germany you have to import it. I don't think even the UK got an own version.

    Now all teeth brushed I can just play DDD on my bed until I am too sleepy, lol, read ya later. ^___^
    I couldn't due to work, so I'm going to do it nao and tomorrow, lol.

    Proud, I never go below that. ;)

    See? That's probably why you didn't get the guide.
    I better go play it some more, lol, now that it is weekend. ;)

    Some people are just crazy or play on beginner, lol.

    Probably because you were already wary from spending so much money on a 3DS and DDD?
    Would fit, as then chapter 26 gets out, 27 is the one we're ahead and I can give you 28 when I post 26.

    Everyone has his/her own pace of running through the game ;).
    I often can't just ignore the stuff, lol, especially if there's a glowing "new" I often just have to check it. *ggg*

    Yup, and the additional artwork to appreciate. ^__^
    We are one chapter ahead, yup.

    Hoi, you're fast, probably because you do not search for treasure chests like me. So then you should already have all chronicles and the character-compendium should also have already quite some entries. I just love all those extra bits and explanations that there are given. ^___^

    I could certainly use it for treasure chest locations and some dream eaters, lol.
    I think so, chapter 26 is due next weekend (trying to get back into schedule here), not this one.
    I have to look though if there are some reviews for 25 that I can answer though, lol.

    Which world are you now btw?

    Yep, I hope I'll get it during the next week.
    Wasn't it 27, *ggg*?
    I know that, lol, I'm the same right now, I've still not finished chapter 47. Right now I'm on a hunt for treasure chests, damn, some are really well hidden in this game.

    I phoned them yesterday and they said the book should have been there already last week, so they're going to kick the delivery services' asses a bit in order to speed the process up.
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