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  • I've always noticed it. I'm pretty sure Luis used to complain about it, but I could be thinking of someone else.
    Seriously, it looks pretty awful.
    Well, it looks like the trailers for 1.5 were touched up to look better than they do in-game.
    If KH3 removes the fish face, I will preorder it with no hesitation.
    Yeah. It's nice to see things have calmed down... even if it does mean that some of the most entertaining personalities have disappeared. :p

    I will agree it looks great.
    But, then, we thought 1.5 would look great.
    I guess we can just agree to disagree regarding the optimism/pessimism thing.
    Of course, some fandoms are a bit more volatile than others...

    I don't think it actually can meet the hype at all. That said, I've just resigned myself to lowered expectations.
    Fan reactions are just really mixed, I guess.

    Well, it depends on the reviews. If it takes a complete nosedive, then I won't be getting it. But if it's generally up to par, then yeah. Sure.
    I don't really know how to respond to all of that other than saying "I think I agree?". Sorry, I'm really tired right now, but I know if I don't respond now I'll forget to. I get what you're saying about Rose and Mickey, but regardless of intention, my point is that Rose felt really unsympathetic. So I basically agree with you on most points.

    I dunno. Maybe it's just me?
    I don't know. I guess we're supposed to sympathize with Rose, but the entire time she was in the show, all I could think about was how bad she treated Mickey.

    Rory is possibly the biggest badass in anything ever.
    I think it would work well. The few times the Doctor's alone with Rory, I thought it was awesome. Plus, I think the *idea* of Amy is more central to things than Amy *herself* is.
    I've read all of the spoilers. At least until The Angels Take Manhattan.
    Well, it felt unnatural when she did. And she needed saving far too often.
    Nobody shows enough appreciation for Mickey. T_T

    Amy and Rory are basically Rose and Mickey done... right-er. Amy's still a bit useless, but at least Rory gets to do some cool things.
    I've always wondered how awesome it might be to have a season with just Rory and the Doctor... maybe because Amy gets kidnapped by someone? (Not a stretch.)

    I really dislike Rose for numerous reasons. Partly because she was totally useless, partly because her "romance" with the Doctor felt really contrived, and partly because she treats Mickey like crap. No one deserves to be treated the way that Mickey consistently is by her.

    Well, I keep meaning to, but other things always come up.
    goood! getting ready to leave for school on Aug. 10th. also I KNOW KH3 AGJOsdk,wfvhckfg finally after yeeeeears of waiting, it's actually going to happen :3
    I've honestly moved my RPing into World of Warcraft at this point. There's far less people counting on you. ^^"

    It's actually not that bad. Plus, most of the disturbing stuff in it is displayed in really thick slang that its author made up. It's virtually incomprehensible straight up until all of the disturbing stuff stops happening. (Which is a third of the way through the book, which is rather short in its entirety)
    I actually really disliked the TARDIS. A lot. Maybe even more than the character I otherwise dislike the most, Rose.
    I still have yet to move past that episode.
    ♫ Whereeeee have you beeen, all my liiiiifeeee ♫

    but in all seriousness, i've missed you
    I only wish that I was as good at writing then as you were. Or, for that matter, as I am now. Not that my increased prowess would mean much. I haven't been able to get into any RPs on here in at least a year.

    I just read A Clockwork Orange. It was a fairly good read.
    I'm at The Doctor's Wife. That episode specifically. I got to it, tried to watch it about three times, and have been unable to work up the courage to try again.
    Well, you made it work. Yeah, I wasn't much into Nobody pairings, but yours was the one I liked. And I didn't even normally like Kairi!

    I've also been trying to read books, (in general, not just non-fantasy) and I've also started watching Doctor Who! Christopher Eccleston, amazing, or SUPER amazing?
    You totally wrote that ship well. Admittedly, it was quite a while ago, so my memory might be iffy, but I do seem to remember you writing it really well! So, uh, good job, probably! :D

    It has been so incredibly long since we've actually talked! Just what have you been up to for these past few years?
    So, have you actually been logging on, or did you die, and it's just your vengeful ghost, haunting the forums to get back at all the people who didn't support your ships?

    Sent you the PM! :) It's pretty lengthy, but I'd love to hear what you think of it! :D
    Yeah, I'm the same. But yeah, I've been going back and looking over what I wrote a year ago. Some of its GREAT and some of it is really off-key. That said, reading it with a fresh perspective gives me a better idea of how to go about writing the story now if I do end up writing it. :)

    Like I said, I'd only be using a small number of characters from Bleach. I'm pretty much tired of the series as a whole at this point, but the mini-arc they're doing right now is actually pretty good. That said, I do really like a lot of what I wrote last year when it was a KH/MLP crossover. I'll send you a PM on the story in a minute! :D

    Yeah, I kinda gave up on it too, but I like to approach the Keyblades/Keyblade Wielders with a more mystic vibe in my stories. They might not be as rare as initially made out to be, but I like to portray them as an ancient and mysterious type of weaponry. While the whole Masters picking their apprentices thing took away from it, I still like to emphasize the notion that Keyblades choose their wielders. :)

    LOL Nice.

    Try it if you can! :D They're usually pretty fun, but it depends on whether or not the band you like is actually talented and can play their studio material live or if they just use AutoTune and other stuff to sound good on their albums. :)
    Yeah, that's how I feel too. At the same time though, I generally feed off of positive responses. So I'm trying to figure out how to get myself to write more often. I think Neil Gaiman's advice sums it up: "Just write." So hopefully I'll get myself far enough along to start posting stuff up somewhere. BTW, your ideas are FANTASTIC! :D

    It's KH. Initially it was going to be a KH/MLP:FiM crossover, but there were some key elements I thought didn't work quite right. But I've been going through a really nostalgic phase lately and began remembering all of these different fanfic ideas I'd had that I'd never written/finished writing, and so I'm kinda doing a Frankenstein thing here in trying to piece all these elements together to make my fanfic and throwing in some new ideas. If I end up writing it now, it'd be a KH/Bleach crossover, with some Gurren Lagann presence. However, I only decided to try using Bleach again since I've really been liking the flashback arc that's currently going on in the series, so I wouldn't be using the main cast of Bleach; I'd be using the cast in the flashback arc. Interested in hearing more? :D

    I've really taken to Doctor Who lately too! :D And yeah, I really liked how Lea got the Keyblade. It works for me. :)

    Definitely. Iron Maiden is one of THE best live acts in the world. :D
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