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  • Spring break? Nah, I live in the tropics which means we only have two seasons; the wet and the dry, but I do get a week off school in a 2 weeks... Ill get ya then
    God damn stupid thing I was wondering why I didn't get a reply out of you:) HP6 sounds cool, who gets murdered? and is Snape the potions kid? wait, dont tell me that, its probably a key part of the story. who gets murdered then?
    You, yes you, STOP POSTING. That is an order. I can't do homework and post at the same time so you should let me catch up. :) I'm kidding, but seriously, slow down...
    wow i couldnt agree more. though i must asy the books i njapan were much better. though i still dont remember kanji very well, the books over there were much more interesting
    the problem with young adult or teen books is that they try to add things most teenagers talk about even though most teenagers would like to read something above there maturity level. if only authors new.
    vampire girl, having amnesia, first believing not to be a vampire, but then she realizes. then falls for a boy at college and then realizing the boy's brother is in a vampire hunting clan....of course i added mysterious stalker, and her regaining memories.
    in college, the teacher got mad me for writting "nightmare, "knightmare", so then i decided to make a book called that afterwards
    the writing has alot of exceptions, though i'm glad it has one set of characters, and they arent really complicated to read. though understanding the word is something else
    Portugese, than japanese, andin japan i learned some english. but not alot to actually speak it correctly. i pronounce to much R
    Part of the reason I didn't try to hard to get HP6 was that the movies were so crappy compared to the books, and I wanted to read the book so I could spoil it for my friends when the movie came out (which it still hasn't)

    I'm using... internet explorer. Don't ask me what version, it's got a blue e with a gold ring around it as a symbol :)

    Heart Station is more up-to-date than the KHI home descriptions of the new games
    no no it's okay, i probably shouldnt have said anything. .___.

    I just get a little touchy. My cousin was killed in Iraq, so I am a bit bitter towards Bush because of that. I really should try to control that.

    But really, don't worry bout it sweetie. ^^
    I only said what i said on that thread because it hurts to know that I'll never get to see my cousin again. But yeah, you're right, sorry about that.
    uh....hi....I just wanted to ask if.....you know....if you wanna be...friends? I understand if you say no....
    Shit!!! Heartstation is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! I went on it once and only saw the home page, so I was bored. ooops. The transltion by hovering isn't working but I get what your talking about now :)

    Yeah I love Harry Potter. 2yrs ago I read book 3,4, and 5 but stopped because the library didn't have the 6th one, but this year I started at book one and and am now back up to bk 5 with the same problem as with book 6 :/ did you hear the 7th movie is gonna be in 2 parts?

    Sorry for the slow reply, I accidently posted it in my own profile :embarassed:
    Wha... I haven't seen those yet, I think. I'v seen all those famitsu (or whatever) scans and I was so pleased to see Neverland and Castle Oblivion I didn't notice anything else :) But the official website updates look awsome, espeacially the riku-roxas-zexion scene, bet that will spark up some new theories...
    I see, sorry too bring that up :/ Where have you been putting all those posts? oh and I felt like a little mod or something yesterday because there was a thread in the future of kh section that was entirely an advertisement so I told someone and next thing you know it was gone. lol I told OmniChaos while he was offline so I doubt he did it though XD
    Dammit! Just when I thought I was getting close to your post count you go and shoot up 30! At least my adverage is still higher...
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