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  • Cus I MOST KNOW!!!! Anyways, I cant wait to actually PLAY it and actually understand what the hell those Japs were saying, lulz
    PARU!!!!! Yush, I am so shiked! I WNAT BBS NOW!!! Yes, I spoiled myself with the entire story though (lol)
    lolol well thank ya boy, now if you eill excuse me I am going to go EAT A BANANA!!!!
    Hello very random person!!! I love how you say puwahhhh!!! Funyfunfun!
    Well, to be fair, I've only ever been to France twice. Once when I was born there, and the second time around two/three years ago. So I can't remember Paris at all. Can't even remember the name of the place we stayed at, except it was a small seaside village with a lovely market and a chocolate factory. It wasn't near Paris, either. One day I am going to go back, though. Perhaps not live there since the style of life is too busy and hectic for me, so I'm probably going to end up in a wood cabin with a fire somewhere in Montreal, Canada. Which is my dream, surrounded by all that lovely snow and those Quebecois people! Obviously, my career aspects are in the field of languages and I want to try my hand at translation and interpretation since I enjoy the former. Unfortunately in class we don't get to do interpretation because all the work we do in the year builds up for the exams at the end, and interpretation isn't one of them. But yeah! Your family tree is complicated? So, like, what are you? Completely Korean? Part Japanese? It's hurting my head just thinking about it. :/
    I'm serious. I was at a HMV store in July with my friend who went in to buy the last season of Supernatural on DVD which is rated 15. She's 17 and I had just turned 17, but the guy asked her for I.D. since he thought that if she was my friend, then she herself must be younger than 15. I asked him how old he thought I was, and he said 12. :/ But yeah, Cali's pretty cool, though I've never been to America myself. I'm French, Paris-born (well, Vincennes, actually, but it's a part of Paris), but I've lived in England for like, 16 years. Pretty cool since I consequently speak English and French fluently as well as studying Spanish and Italian at college, and Japanese next year at university. :)
    Well, at least you know that you'll always look a bit more youthful in your old age. Suppose it's not so bad, though; I'm 17 and people think I'm 12. :/ Where are you from?
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