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  • What amazing luck you have! I've never heard of two cartridges in one case. Must be a manufacturer error or something. By any chance, did you ever attempt to get the spotpass teams in awakening? It allows you to get some iconic characters from gaiden, among other games. They're a bit different though, because they don't have their signature classes (for example, alm is no longer a hero, he is reclassified as a dread fighter. Celica is not a priestess as it doesn't exist in awakening, so she is now a sage) apparently you can't get them all which is kind of sad, I'd love to have everyone in the game.

    Ah the priestess, the one class that is custom made to hold a ladyblade and not be hindered by it. Delthea and Mae are amazing units especially with their supports nearby, as the former gets a 10% accuracy boost from luthier, allowing near constant aura spamming. Not going to lie, I like bow knights solely for their overclass, bowrange +3 yes please.

    Ah the ansem fights, truly a difficult fight if you haven't gotten the hang of the battle system. Surprisingly when I tackled the games on critical mode, that was a relatively simple fight for me. Just summon tunkerbell during the last stage and wail away at him. The previous fights with Sora alone however, require usage of his abilities like strike raid and ragnarok to win the day.
    I would like to battle you one day, if you pm me your friend code I can do the same.
    The two cartridges were quite possibly an error on the manufacturing side, like you say. It was this unthinkable occurrence that allowed me to get into Fire Emblem. I managed to get a few of the Spotpass teams in Awakening and have used some during my classic and casual mode playthroughs. They are very handy.

    I did not know that Delthea got an accuracy boost from Luthier. Is that when all of their supports with one another are complete as well as when they are near each other on the battlefield? Mae was amazing with a Ladyblade in my casual mode playthrough. When I get one in my classic mode save file, I shall give it to her. The range on those bow knights in Echoes is amazing. Python and Kliff as bow knights slay enemies so well!

    I think Ansem gave me trouble all round because it was my first time playing KH1 so I did not know what to expect, plus the battle system was hard to get to used to. I did not know how most of the summons could help you in fights; had I known Tinkerbell could heal almost without limits, I would definitely have used her. I did summon her when I eventually went back to try beating Ansem again some months later after finishing all of the other titles. The battle system in KH2 was a dream compared to the first game when I started playing it, by the way. My friends had said that the fighting in that game was so much better. I had not realised the extent of the improvement until I got there. I was floored. Because I had KH1.5+2.5, it was KH2 Final Mix that I played so I can imagine that the fluidity of moves and the battle system are that much better again compared to the vanilla version of KH2. I have not played vanilla KH2 though so I cannot say what it is like.

    As for my friend code, I shall see if I can PM you with it this week if that is okay.
    Wow it has been a while since you've been on, Been busy lately? I can relate.

    Yes, Delthea's accuracy boost comes from a A level support with Luthier. It is heavily dependent on her being near him but with his saggitae it should cover her weaknesses quite well. I always wanted to try Awakening's spotpass teams solely for the fact i'd be using characters im familiar with. Since you last sent me a message, I have recently got into fire emblem the blazing blade and have now changed my favorite class to the Nomad. Basically the same thing as a BowKnight, but there's only one of them in the game.

    Now that I think about it, Ansem gave me quite a bit of trouble when I was young and inexperienced. KH1, as good as it is, suffers from a kind of clunky battle system. If you don't understand the little tricks that can give you an edge, you might struggle. Good thing they gave the final mix version bonus abilities like leaf bracer and combo master right?

    Yeah, that's fine. Admittedly I have gotten kind of busy as of late, but it would be nice to have it when the time is right. Glad to see my message went through.
    I got a bit busy, sorry about that. I’ve sent the friend code in a personal message.

    Good to hear you’re enjoying the Blazing Blade. I’m still keeping my finger crossed more old FE games are remade.

    As for KH1, I played the final mix version so the extra abilities etc did help.
    Yeah, that's the unfortunate truth about this place, some clubs lie dormant because the person who started it is either
    A: Inactive, for their own personal reasons
    B: Banned, which is rarely ever the case
    C: Hardly ever on due to RL situations, which is understandable.
    But other cubs like the RIku one are managed quite well. Howler's a good person, she gets the job done in running her club. Wow! looks like we've got quite a few things in common! I'm also a pokemon and fire emblem fan! Admittedly echoes is the only game I have at the moment (aside from FE warriors), but it's still a pretty solid entry. I think the bow knight class has to be my favorite out of the handful available. As for Pokémon, i'm a pretty strong contender in Ultra sun if you want to have a few battles with me, I used to be pretty weak, but have grown immensely since meeting some likeminded friends. I'd need your friend code though.
    As for other games, i'm a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to that. If it's PS4 I mainly hunt for trophies, mainly using games that are so bad it's good to get the platinum's. One of my greatest achievements is platinuming every KH game thus far (for 1.5+2.5 and 2.8), that was a difficult 6 month feat, but I know understand everything about the series now.
    Wow, you've only been on the forum for 2 days so far, and you've already planned on joining 3 clubs. You work fast little lady.
    Not a lot of messages on here eh? i might as well start the conversation. Play any other games aside from KH?
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