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  • I've been good, thanks for asking. =3 And should I not be around the forum during the holidays, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D Well, I have my eye currently on Durarara and Prince of Stride anime. Along with the 4th Madoka Magica movie and Shokugeki no Soma season two. Oh yeah, I heard about JoJo getting another season, but I think that'll be in April, right? Yup, Prince of Stride is a running anime.

    I'll take your word for it. I've read some of the manga. Yeah, I heard the same and saw a few gifs of Nisemonogatari around to know it's a pretty good anime. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm good for now.
    Hey Pinwheel! How are you doing? =3

    I'm good, dodged a bullet on getting the flu, since some people in my family had it. lol. As for anime, I'm actually not watching anything in particular right now. I might of picked up Witch Hunter to watch again, since I liked it a lot when I was younger. However, I'm looking forward to seeing what the anime "Prince of Stride" will be like, because I'm into jogging/running as a sport.

    One Punch Man is pretty good. I read some of the manga, but haven't tried the anime yet. :3 Hopefully some news will come up for JoJo, because I know Mite has become a fan of the series. Gundam takes me back to my childhood days, cause I used to watch it on toonami! Hmm, Nsemonogatari... isn't that the romance one that was really popular early on this year?
    Hey Pinwheel, how've you been doing lately? :) No kidding! Fighting cars with a punch and using a grenade to fend off vampires is pretty crazy. Definitely not something I'd see in normal anime. xD But happy I can be one of those people you introduce to JoJo bizarre adventure! I forgot what Walk like an Egyptian sounds like. I believe you, since two of my friends mentioned it to me the other day on here. lol.

    Could be a possibility, except you took it better than most people with its weird ending. Right, not having to wait them out is nice as far as the movies go. So, did you end up finishing all the neon genesis movies, or still working through them? Is there any other anime or manga you happened to like?
    Thanks for helping me start out on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I'll let you know what I think of it soon! C:

    Wow, you'd be the first to tell me you liked the ending to the Evangelion series. I'm actually apart of the minority that didn't quite like it as much, because of how weird of a concept it was to me at the time. (I was fifteen the first time I watched it. xD) I agree the End of Evangelion is stellar and really, really good! C: Well, I hope you enjoy watching all of the other Evangelion movies then, Pinwheel!
    hey there. it says you're a general discussion mod, would you be cool if i made a thread for other members reaching out/meeting each other, and a master list for where they live? on their request of course. let me know please.
    Speaking of JoJo, what's the best season to start out with? I heard there was more than one and was thinking about giving it a try. Any recommendations? :D Wow, 27-28 years is a long to keep a manga of it going. Haha, I agree with you there on Evangelion having some trippy scenes overall. The same can be said for one of the movies as well. I'm curious what you'll think of the ending episode overall. Food Wars is up to episode 18. Each episode is delicious and sometimes amusing at best. I can't really say anything bad about it, since it's good and the manga is a lot further along than the anime.
    Actually, I may of been thinking of their Youtube channels as podcasts. My bad! :c You're probably right, since people would start following and expect updates each week or so. JoJo's ended? :O Evangelion is pretty good until well... you'll see and the movies are good and slightly grotesque at times. Well, I hope you enjoy watching your anime. Speaking of which, I need to watch the latest on Shokugeki No Soma aka Food Wars.
    Good to know it is! =D Kind of a shame there aren't many more to choose from or find though. And starting your own podcast and doing it together with friends sounds really cool. Must be a lot of work to start your own podcast or at least that's what I hear from a few other friends on khi. I imagine if you did make one, the first thing you'd talk about is JoJo's Bizarre adventure.
    Hey Pinwheel!

    Since you were asking for a recommendation for a manga podcast, there's this one: Weekly Manga Recap Which you can also get off of iTunes or on Youtube. Essentially, they cover what the American Shonen Jump covers, along with some other stuff. And it's kind of hilarious to listen to part of the time as well.

    Whereas there's the Shonen Jump podcast, which you can find on iTunes and it'll cover the online magazine of Shonen Jump manga and related news; including release dates of manga and such.

    I started listening to Weekly Manga Recap each week, thanks to Mite here on the forum. If you like Comics at all, there's also a podcast called, "Geek History" for it too. I'm not sure where to get that one, might be on iTunes as well. Sorry I don't many other podcast recommendations. :3 Have a nice day~
    Crunchyroll - VIDEO: Cute Girls Make Anime in "ShiroBako" Anime Preview

    Making anime in an anime? Count me in!
    Can you help a brother out? I don't know how the hell it happened (though it is late here), but a post meant for one thread (Legend of Zelda) ended up in another (Super Smash Brothers). :/ It should be removed.
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