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  • oh, ok, lol. dude, I got a wii for my b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoo, i love it
    not much. my b-days this month, and i have $120 saved up, lol.

    whats new with you?
    Sup man. Havn't heard from you in a while, wanted to know if you wanted to catch up?
    Well today was a gooooood day. The girl i like caught up with me today and acctually was talking to me. But then we got split up at the office cuz she had to get notes for the anoucments. So i forgot to wait up and my friends saw me and got me distracted. I saw her in the hallway and i was going to finish my conversation with her but she was in deep conversation with her friend. So i cant ask her out yet because she still dating sombody
    Lol Okay I;'ll give that a ntry.. man theres different kinds of jesters... hmm this will be a toughie when I start playing. xD
    Well I'm looking at either going with the um... knight or somethign like that, the one made one strength or maybe jesters line but im not too sure xD I have to wait till I'm on a computer that doesn't have internet games barred on it lol.
    That comment in my thread just read it ok? Its hard to say if she does that stuff or not.
    Sorry to sound a bit um behind xD but can you maybe explain or tell me a bit about FlyFF? My friends are addicts they tell me to play, but when I ask for a description they say the same thing, you have to play to describe it.
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