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  • Well what'ya know, there's no hangover. Had to rely on beer yesterday because there were no strong drinks, oh well :D 'Twas a good night I must say haha
    Wow, the national day of an alcoholic drink? Gotta love your country man! But I can imagine the condition you were in at the morning hah! I'll probably spent tomorrow morning the same way.

    'Cause when life's bitching, you gotta drink 'til the world smiles at you again :D... Wait, now I sound like an alcoholic
    Yeah so true. Life proved to be a bitch again today so your comment can be any more relevant than this :p. Gonna go out tomorrow and I think this guy'll be wasted like hell haha gotta love alcohol
    Hah, same here, one week off so enjoying it while I can ^^ School starts again next week though so better enjoy it as much as I can while I can o_O
    Good luck with the exams! First things first, do what you have to and then when you have the time come back. I've said it many times before but real-life is obviously way more important than the forum life and therefore the project! ;)

    So best of luck once more with your exams!
    I made a new suggestion (edited my post with it) about the sphere grids, do you think you'll be able to program it like that?
    since i cannot double post...i'll just tell you here. memories help form the heart. consumed and infused are two very different things.

    memories help form the heart (confirmed in 358/2 days ultimania) and darkness help forms the heartless because darkness act's as it's body.

    but unbirths (in my theory) are both darkness and heart fused together as if they were one (not seperated). heartless are just heart's covered in darkness. but unbirths could possibly be hearts fused with darkness.
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