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  • "It isn't a trait only for that group. It is a shared trait between the 3 groups that separates the ignorant from the intellectuals."

    This is where your definition of agnosticism is wrong.

    This isn't a "trait" that is "shared" by agnostics, it is agnosticism. Re-read that dictionary definition. Agnosticism isn't a 'third group', it's something that is shared between both theists and atheists - and which, as you say, separates the ignorant from the sensible.

    "As long as you say this then you are an atheist. No agnostic could say this and be considered agnostic."

    Why is it okay for an agnostic to say they believe the supernatural exists, but not for an agnostic to say they believe the supernatural doesn't exist?

    "Saying this makes you non ignorant but still an atheist nonetheless."

    It makes me an atheist who is also agnostic. Again, check the dictionary definition of agnosticism: it means no more and no less than the acceptance of the limits of human knowledge. This is something that both atheists and theists can do.
    "No your an atheist that has realized that your only human and have no say in the existence of the supernatural."

    The very definition of agnosticism is one who accepts the limits of human knowledge.

    I am an agnostic atheist: I believe there is no such thing as the supernatural, but I also think it's impossible for anyone to know for sure.
    Women ... no, relationships between the sexes are just so complicated :/ I've been through that and I still am right now. It's like one off the cuff comment seems like flirting on one end when it really isn't.. at least that's how it is currently for me <_< fml. But at least you have pride in your looks; not too much of course.
    "No relation to agnostics when that door to the supernatural is closed.

    They can have traits of a theist or an atheist but they still have the door to the supernatural open which is whats separates them from an atheist."

    I don't know how many more times I can explain this. Your understanding of atheism is just plain wrong. To be an atheist is not to "close the door" to the possibility of the supernatural; only some atheists do this, just like some theists refuse to accept the possibility that they might be wrong about their religion.

    I believe that there is no such thing as the supernatural, but I definitely admit the possibility that it might exist. I am an agnostic atheist.
    "Everything is in belief when it comes to this matter of the supernatural existing or not since we don't know about it fully at this point and time even though some people like to think so."

    Ah, so you admit that only some people claim to think we know the answers. This is exactly what I've been saying. Atheists do not believe that the supernatural exists. But only some of them claim to know this for a fact.

    "That a meaning of an Agnostic. No need for the word theist in there."

    No, an agnostic is anyone who admits the issue cannot be conclusively proven either way. An agnostic can be a theist or an atheist.
    You should have mentioned it to a higher up such as super or admin at the time. But as long as it's not a problem now there's nothing to worry about. And as usual, life continues to get more and more confusing by the day :/
    Of course I'm an atheist. I've been saying so all along. The problem is that you misunderstand what an atheist is, and you're mistaking all atheists for gnostic atheists, which simply isn't the case. Being an atheist doesn't mean you reject all possibility of the existence of the supernatural. And agnosticism is not a 'middle road' between atheism and theism, it's an epistemological qualifier.

    To clarify:

    Gnostic atheists claim to know that there is no such thing as the supernatural, that there is no possible way it can exist.

    Agnostic atheists do not believe there is any such thing as the supernatural but admit it is impossible to conclusively disprove.

    Agnostic theists believe that the supernatural exists but admit they cannot conclusively prove its existence.

    Gnostic theists claim to know that the supernatural exists without a doubt.

    I've only ever met one gnostic atheist and I told him I thought he was an idiot. You cannot prove a universal negative, therefore gnostic atheism is irrational. (And gnostic theism - saying that god exists, without a doubt - is just as bad.)
    No, it doesn't. You're denying the existence of the vast majority of atheists who are in fact agnostic atheists, because you misunderstand the meanings of the two words.
    There's very little point in my trying to discuss atheism with you someone who has a complete misunderstanding of what it actually is.
    ohh, well almost everything has warranty. But seriously Steve Jovs knows his stuff better than Bill Gates
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