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  • I actually like Xion as a character. I'm actually a hate club hater. When you think about it, hating on a video game character is pretty retarded. Making and or joining one is really pointless.

    I didn't mind the English voice actors for days, it was the terrible lip syncing that really bothered me. That youtube video was very rushed and poorly thought out lol. I would love to see your version of it though.
    Third to last. I just started my third year and I take three semesters so. Yeah, third to last.
    It might not have been all that bad but I'm taking four courses, all of which are with projects to hand in so it takes up my time. Usually I'd manage to sneak in some working time at work but it's not hand-ins on paper this time, and I don't have the technologies to work with at work. Can't really install them, either, so it takes up what precious few evenings off I have. And the weekends aren't much better either x.x;
    Thus, I'm green. At least for now. But that mostly means I can still write all the content I want, I'm just not expected to be as active as they expected me to be in the past.

    As for a job... I have some places I'd like to ask around in. Specifically my lecturer that teachers me how to develop computer games *w*;;;
    I'm scared at how possible developing games suddenly became for me. I have that guy as well as a Japanese guy who lives around here who works for Japan on games ;w; grah.

    Hope you find something you'll be able to live with.
    I got two PM's lol...and one of them was just recently..so four in all..no as bad as I expected
    Oh. I plan to go for four years at the least. And your welcome. Anything your majoring in or something like that?
    It's okay :). I didn't get as many messages as I thought I would..actually..lol. All good forum fun though
    Thanks. At least, somebody got the message and called Xenin out. I recall him changing his stance not long before I disappeared about month ago though.
    There it is.

    And if you're goign to reply to me, you should post it on my wall and not yours. :|
    I either forgot the agreement or never made it. I was going to go after Larxene, but umm.. I like Larxene and the others more.

    Oops, I shouldn't of worded it that way. I meant a later round, but I did kind of forget.
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