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  • you know as well as i do, that's not the problem. and if you think I'm telling you to grow up for that, that's rather stupid. it's the way you say things rather than what you say.

    you simply take it to a personally, that you feel you have to bad-mouth sometimes. and you do bad-mouth a lot.

    but personally, you're one of the people i like the most, it's just these comments, i don't like.

    for example, heartseams complains not about the rants of the main title - side title. she instead directs it toward the person. can't we just instead rant about the theory, rather than the person?
    Thanks. I honestly don't know why I asked that question though, because I don't know how long I'm going to be here at khinsider. well, only time will tell.

    p.s I saw some of you're youtube vids, funny stuff. :D
    Weeell... There are some factions of his face that make him looking a bit younger and calm than the usual mature and rough Terra. :]
    Your 3D render of Terra looks VERY WELL MADE!!! I thought someone ripped-it from the game, but, I was wrong! ;]
    I actually watched that video about a month ago. So you're theRPGplayer? I see that username on every kh related video in the comments. Lol weird. I'm making a kh fan game on 2k3. It's a little different than most rpgs, like you don't control a blocky character sprite..It just didn't look appealing for a kh game, so I did something a little different, I'm going to upload a preview soon on youtube. I've been working hard on it. It also has Turn-based battle system like any 2-d final fantasy. I did all the character animations myself. I'll let you know when I upload it.
    I actually live in Peoria but I grew up in Phoenix, it's like 15min away so it's the same thing lol.

    and Wow. I'm not using that cinema 4D anytime soon. I have little to no skills with that stuff. I made a 3-d wine glass in 8th grade, that's it. lol

    *STALKER STATUS* I also noticed you use rpg maker XP. I'm guessing you're pro at that too... I use 2003.
    yeah! rain in Phoenix! lol finally!
    Is that cinema 4D easy to use? and what's the price? lol
    Why have I never bothered to add you as my friend? Have we ever disagreed on something? Plus you're one of the very, very few people on here who can actually carry out a decent conversation without being a prick right away.
    I meant because it had nothing to do with his title. I can understand if it were a title with Vanitas in it, but not if it was about Mickey... who has nothing to do with Vanitas at all.

    I figured I'd not post something off topic like that in the thread :/.
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