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  • Rum! I've forgot your addiction to it XD, But I'm glad life is going well for ya ;D.

    So gonna get back into rpin' x3?
    I like that idea. ^^ Both rps can clearly stand on their own, with their own specific era's, and also give little mentions of eachother in one another. And so I see. So instead of it being an AU of just after the series ends, it's really a completely different universe from the ground up. The only similarity being that's it's the same world, somewhat. And that's really got me interested, considering what the two go through was in itself very big. ^^
    Hmm that would be a good idea for the Power and Future rps. At least that way there doesn't need to be any problems between the ending of Power making changes that wouldn't make sense for the Future rp. And I really like the idea of a Fallout rp, man. ^^

    And how about Avatar? I noticed it'll be an alternate universe idea for after the series?
    Every role play needs a barrel of monkeys, what do you mean 'maybe'?
    Very cool. I'm assuming some things would be similar? Like the concept of the Vaults and things like that? That's what really got me hooked into the series now. lol
    And great about the Future rp. So it's sort of going to be a kind of prequel in a sense, for a new War for Power rp? Both sound awesome. ^_^
    Sounds terrific! Can't wait! Glad to see you've been hard at work.
    lol I love the ideas for all four. ^^ Especially the Fallout rp idea, as I've just started to get into all the stuff from the series. Still never played the games yet, but planning on fixing that soon. Both the Avatar and Future rp sound really great too. Looking forward to seeing them all. ^-^
    Four? FOUR! AMAZING!

    The Fire Nation? Bring them on. They're attractive ;D
    Great to hear. ^_^ And what would these four new rps be about in fact? Anything you can say about them? ^-^
    Well now, if it isn't an old face I haven't seen in a very long time. ^_^ How have you been man?
    It must be an omen for us to both return at the same time. Gonna jump back in with a new Roleplay. Working on it now, actually.

    You got my hopes for a resurrection, Sol. Don't let me down ;D
    Would have been quite a disappointment if you had become sane by some sort of freak accident.
    It's great to be here. Honestly, I miss KHI a lot; not to mention the friends I made.

    How are you, Sol?
    Well, hopefully, welcome back for good XD. Long time no talkie <3
    Glad to see you getting back around to the forums ;D cuz I surely had missed ya around my friend =3.
    How've ya been? =)
    That's the KHI family for ya. :D

    Oh man, College must've been a crazy time, yes?

    Yeah, that's what happened last year when I left for a few months. Just couldn't hack it. KHI is my true home, no matter how much I hate the staff here. xD And yeah, need a new breath of fresh air in the rp section. Though, for the record, we haven't had a good pokemon rp in a good while. The only Digimon rp is mine, which i'm sad to say is closed. There's always people dishing out original ideas for kh rps. The only naruto one is one by Tav/Superbia/Shad.

    I'm sure whichever rp you make will be off the hook. :D

    I was the one who convinced Simon/seph2 to return. ;D
    Same here, I love all ya guys and girls here, like a crazy, bored a line insane family, but still love.

    It ALL feels great, I don't think I've been smacked by these many woman in such a short span of time, since my first dorm party haha.

    Honestly, I've missed all of you, I have many friends and family, but I've always felt that the people here were just as close as it can get. I'm hoping to run into everyone soon. Right now I'll just make some new rp's so people have something that isen't a pokemon, digimon, kingdom hearts, naruto RP lol.
    Haha, now that's the Sol I fell in love with(brotherly love, I mean ;D). But seriously, can't wait. You bet your italian, skater ass I'll join em'~ :D

    Ah, that sounds like fun. The being home part, not getting cursed at. Though, for you, I'm sure it feels like home...considering you are home xD.

    Not that I'm complaining, what made you want to come back?
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