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  • Death Note's Obata, Monogatari's NisiOisin, Rosario + Vampire's Ikeda Make 2 One-Shot Manga Together - News - Anime News Network

    you probably don't like Monogatari but with Obata involved, I figured you might be interested.
    I remember you really like Naoshi Komi's one-shots right? Looks like Shueisha released a compiled edition:
    I knew, the second I saw that jl8 comic, someone would have that as their icon at KHI.
    Ryohgo Narita's Stealth Symphony Joins Shonen Jump Line-Up - News - Anime News Network

    Thought you might be interested in this, especially if you like Baccano! or Durarara!!
    NyaaTorrents >> [CBM]_Space_Dandy_-_01_-_Live_with_the_flow,_baby_[HDTV-720p-5.1ch][FDC058F6].mkv

    NyaaTorrents >> [denpa] Space Dandy - 01 [CNHD 720p][FADF1E1E].mkv

    Choose whichever you want. I can't compare them because I haven't watched either of them myself yet.
    Agreed. They're all like prozac-excitable about the most mediocre music (and especially acoustic live lounge performances, I've noticed), but I think Zane Lowe actually appreciates the artistry of good music. The other DJ I remember liking is Mike Davies who does/did the Punk Rock show.

    That's a really cool aspiration. Good luck :) [/FONT][/COLOR]
    Only Hamon users can charge. It's the largest thing they hold over Stand users and the like; they get meter OUT THE ASS. They're also the only type to have EX moves I believe.
    The third or fourth trophy I earned, shit you not, was "WRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY". I bust up laughing at that one for a good while.

    I'm downloading the patches right now before I sleep because I really couldn't be bothered to stop after I got the game. I dunno if they fixed her, but Jolyne is clearly OP as fuck from the first version. I've heard she's still top-tier, but I dunno. I expect she's been fixed if she was as bad as the first version.

    I've finished all but Battle Tendency and Vento Aureo. I'm SOOOOO glad I didn't look into the taunts for the game, oh my god, they're hilariously awesome. I was fiddling around with Joseph trying to do his prediction taunt and randomly got him doing a weird-ass thing with his arms pointing them and and doing the "Happy yuripi aripi ku-neee~" thing he did to Santana. The amount of detail is astonishing. I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED CAMPAIGN YET.

    Overall it's a pretty solid game. Even not bad as a fighter minus the random-ass lag you'll experience. I'm having a hell of a time trying to find new ways to combo, seriously. Aside from the roman cancels and stuff I find it hard as fuck to experiment with anything really, characters hardly have any special moves outside of their stands.

    Being the fanboy I am, I was going to like this game no matter what. But I'm still pretty damn impressed with how well the game turned out minus the few obvious mistakes (like slight lag in gameplay at times and a few other odd problems I've had getting inputs through on random occasion) it's a nice game. As a JoJo game, it's fucking spot on minus the story mode. The only thing I could really ask for aside from more characters in a sequel would be that they make a cinematic-focused story mode like the Ninja Storm games. Just the Unique GHAs with Valentine and Dio alone are impressive.

    So yeah, 8/10 from me.
    Yeah, it's pretty damn awesome. I'm having a little trouble customizing given the moonrunes, but I'll manage. It does let you choose which parts you want to play first though, really nice. Valentine's fight in SBR was a fucking BITCH for some reason. I'm really digging Josuke the most though, him and Crazy Diamond are really fitting my playstyle.

    And I'm going for the platinum. I thought it'd be pretty funny if they would've just named that trophy Star.
    The only thing I really liked about Vento Aureo was that every stand was actually humanoid and looked pretty well designed. Other than that it was rather average.

    The douche who left Giorno's little party that was going to fight Diavolo out of fear. He was the guy with that OP as fuck stand, Purple Haze. The one that releases the flesh eating virus if the bulbs are busted on its fists. Yeah, he gets his own novel set after Part 5. Many people actually consider it canon. Even All-Star Battle added some of his abilities from the novel into the game it was so interesting.
    So, looks like my copy of ASB will be here tomorrow.

    That aside, awesome news. Purple Haze Distortion, that part 5 novel with Fugo, got translated recently. Look on nyaa for it, I'm only one chapter in and it's pretty awesome.
    That or you'll be hearing from me every waking moment I have it, lmfao. I'm pretty damn excited about it all aside from having to make a Japanese PSN.
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