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  • It was also intended in a friendly way...;)
    To put the characters together one either finds a picture without background or crops the characters out of another picture and put them on the intended background.
    The talk-pages on the wiki are mainly for wiki-related talk like what is to improve in certain articles, can this pic be used etc. or for only "slight" conversations. Big discussions like here aren't allowed on a user's personal talk page, for that there are the wiki-forums.
    Going by the presumed content both games cover and what Nomura hinted I'd say 3D is the one that will lead into KH III, serving as a "preparation"-game with very important developments, while BBS v2 ties up loose ends all across the timeline, fills in still remaining holes and will be needed to grasp the whole picture.
    Both games together, 3D with the present development and BBS v2 with the supporting overall information for the whole deal will then set the stage for the grand finale of the Xehanort Saga, rescuing the tormented ones and kicking Xehanort's ass for good this time.

    Going by that I would assume that Nomura was, as it was done often in the past, misunderstood. He probably didn't mean the playable part of Secret Episode alone, but the new secret ending that follows after it was also included.
    Lol, seeing that, BBS FM should actually have two secret endings (Blank Points and the new one).

    Patience is the key...;)
    This question isn't answerable cuz there is no character with best attacks. It depends on what playing style suits you.
    For speed, Cloud is surely one of the slower ones.
    The fastest characters in the game are Zidane and the Onion Knight.

    Alright then ;).
    No need for apologies, not everyone has a brain that can remember every detail, lol.
    You can do that when you want, but always remember that even when my explanations may sound plausible it doesn't mean they will be always correct in the end...;)

    I use the computer because I can't draw at all, I'm mostly putting together pictures.
    One example would be my pic for the talk-archives on the KH-Wiki, that I made myself:

    And Kuja, don't ask me...I'll probably never understand how a male being can wear such stuff...voluntary on top of that.
    If you use Cloud as story character you won't meet Kuja, he's mainly in Zidane's, Bartz's and Squall's story.

    Nomura is famous for giving surprising twists...yet he also said he ackknowledges that the overall story has become too complicated overall. According to him the 3D title and the mystery game are necessary to get the whole picture before we can go on to KH III.
    So I cross my fingers that Nomura actually does tie together the whole picture and the "surprising" twist won't convolute it even further.

    That maybe stems from the fact you doesn't have enough time to play and learn it, lol.
    As for Cloud, he's actually a character good for beginners because his attacks are strong, straightforward and not so complicated.
    Cloud specializes in slow, but heavy sword attacks (much like Terra in BBS) and supplements it with fire magic or Blade Beam for mid-range battle.
    Furthermore most of Cloud's attacks fling the opponent away and let them crash into walls, floors or ceilings, causing additional damage.
    Clouds HP attacks are a bit tricky to hit with.
    I.e. if one wants to get the enemy with Cross-slash for sure one should go near the enemy, if the enemy attempts a brave attack, block and immediately use Cross-slash.
    The only thing we know for sure is that Naminé found some memories she couldn't access and that she unveiled the memories of intense torment. These inaccessible memories are very likely Ven's but that is also not confirmed. They could also be some very old and probably sealed memories from Sora...I won't dare to give a definitie answer here.
    Actually both interpretations hold some weight...Sora wanted to seal the keyhole but found it incomplete, but he also wanted to save Kairi, no matter what some "haters" may say Sora does care for Kairi...if there are romantic feelings involved however is object to speculation and not more.
    And that he wanted to sacrifice himself for Kairi is the typical cliché of the main male hero sacrificing himself in some way for the female lead...

    Pretty clear, that leaves only Aqua and Terra, as Lea and Isa aren't that important and I've yet to see at least one picture and/or story of a pairing involving Eraqus, lol.
    I have the hobby to admire good drawings, lol, but drawing myself? Nope, I'm simply too bad for that...I can't even draw a decent face. I do however engage in making wallpapers and things akin to that with the computer.

    Yep, I do not only live in Germany, it's also my birth country and therefore German is my mother tongue. That's also why I am sometimes still unsure regarding some tweaks in the English language, despite me doing English like what, uuhm...15 years by now?
    The mangas I get from a comic-store in town which sells western and eastern comics alike. I'm a regular customer there and know the owner.

    My bad, I just noticed there are two guys who have lipstick in Dissidia, lol.
    Kuja as well as Emperor Mateus Palamecia, the main villain from Final Fantasy II.
    Time for some images again, lol.
    This fellow is Kuja:

    And yeah, I do consider his outfit very, veery weird (at least for a guy, that is). Riku's KH 2-outfit or Vanitas's tight body suit are tame compared to Kuja's "fashion sense", or lack thereof, as one wants to interpret it.

    So, and this wierdo is Emperor Mateus:
    As mentioned he's from Final Fantasy II and specializes in demonic and extreme magic. In FF II, he casts mainly thunder spells as well as Flare, a more powerful version of Meteor (Starfall) and heals himself whenever he does damage to an enemy.
    In Dissidia he's the "Trap Master" who uses magical traps to immbolize his opponents and then destroys them with Flare or Starfall. The Emperor can be very powerful, but his playstyle is difficult to master and to use him properly one needs to do a mostly strategic battle.

    That now there is more talking about Aqua's story and Aqua herself isn't so much surprising, as Aqua is the only one who has still potential for further grow before KH III and seems to be one of the focal points of BBS v2.
    Terra's and Ven's stories, while overall more important and interesting in the original BBS, are as of now finished and both Terra and Ventus are more or less out of the picture for now because of obvious reasons. Nomura said the actual rescue of all the suffering ones would take place in KH III, so until we get KH III there's not much coverage that could be done with Terra and Ven.
    Only regarding Terra there is a slight possiblity for more coverage, but only as part of coverage for Apprentice Xehanort in some form.

    I don't know what version of Dissidia you have (I have obviously the european one), but just using triangle let's you only slide on ledges or grinding up walls in my version. The right shoulder button combined with triangle let's your character dash to the enemy (or an Ex Core if one is targeted).
    To Block just use the right shoulder button alone. Beware however that you only can block brave attacks, no HP attacks and some special brave attacks have guard break, too.
    The only exception to this is Exdeath, who can block nearly everything if one can use him correctly. X is used for jumping, while X combined with the right shoulder button allows to dodge.
    Level 10 is certainly a bit low for some DP-requirements. Which character are you using and more important, how do you use him/her?
    Naminé having access to Ven's heart? That's new for me...and I highly doubt she even knew it was there, as Ven's heart probably wasn't even there when Naminé messed around with Sora's memories, as Ven's heart was with Roxas at the time. I think I know which thread you mean...I have already answered multiple times in there, Crystal's got some questions again, lol.

    To be honest, the first time when playing KH 1 I didn't even understand that Sora had Kairi's heart with him until Riku(possessed by Ansem SoD) pointed it out.

    That's the second time you mention your absolute hate-pairing without naming it, lol. Only thing I can deduce for sure is that it not involves Vanitas, as judging by your sig. My drawing skillz suck like hell that's why I appreciate work of talented artists so much. Van looks impressive on that pic...and damn it I know too many manga/animes, the way he poses with his hands reminds me so of Lelouch from Code Geass.

    Yup, I possess all 4 volumes of KH 1-Manga, both volumes of CoM and 5 volumes of KH 2, the sixth is scheduled to come out mid-february.
    They're all in German of course.

    Kuja is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IX, if you play Dissidia some more you'll ultimately meet him some time.
    He's a very "pretty" young man with long silver hair and a feather on his head who can be confused for a woman, lol. He dresses in white and purple and fights with very powerful magic.
    In Dissidia, he specializes in various kinds of Flare and Holy spells, can glide and when he gets pissed he blasts his opponent with Ultima (in FF IX Kuja's the only one who can use the spell).
    Genesis the mystery, lol. I haven't delved that deep into Genesis's character, but now I'm too tired to elaborate further on him, maybe later ;).

    About BBS the funny thing is I read plenty of reviews and opinions which said that Aqua is actually the bystander and Terra as well as Ven have most of the interesting stuff in their stories.

    Nexgear is a board that mostly focuses on a manga series named Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi. It's a good series but sadly Togashi is often sick and new chapters are coming out at a very slow rate...so I'm not that often over there anymore.

    From this I deduce your characters are still at a very low level and you didn't grasp the controls fully. You can jump in Dissidia, even multiple times with some characters like Zidane, Onion Knight or Ultimecia.
    Challenging is to learn when to use a brave and when to use a HP attack, when to block and when to dodge, how to get effective equipment and make a good accessoire-set.
    Of course there are also the completely different fighting styles of each character...one needs to learn them and then practice to use them effectively. Dissidia is quite a bit strategic in that regard.
    Ex Cores are important, that's why your character should always have a dash ability equipped. If you use the left shoulder button you can switch targets from your opponent to an appearing Ex Cores, then dash to it.

    The so called strike-raid "strategy" is nothing more than exploiting an error in VS's AI script.
    Yeah, during my second and third playthroughs...during the first one I mostly try to incorporate the gameplay and enjoy the story at it is. After seeing the story a second and/or third time that's mostly when my brain starts to work by itself, lol. Yet to be honest, ever since I finished KH 2 I'm always on the sharp lookout cuz I know how Nomura likes to throw us off...*ggg*
    Logic is always relative in this regard, as many things in the KH-Universe really contradict RL-logic, but still they have their own logic if one looks across all titles and doesn't narrow his/her view only to one entry.
    Another example would be how to deduce why Ven's heart is still inactive within Sora:
    For a majority of KH 1 Sora has in fact "three" hearts, as Kairi's joined him too. Yet there's a difference, Kairi's heart is active and healthy, evidenced by Sora experiencing memories from Kairi throughout KH 1 and seeing apparitions of her, as well as recognizing a castle (Radiant Garden in the dias in Tarzan's world) he never went to before (it was actually Kairi's heart that remembered).
    This can be deduced without even consulting the net, one only needs KH 1 and BBS for it.

    I have a wide diversity of books, comics and manga. Like i.e. the Harry Potter books, Eragon (Inheritance cycle), Lord of the Rings, Enid Blyton's Famous Five and Adventure series, many Star Wars books and history related documentary titles (mostly about WW II) in the book-department
    Donald Duck pocket books (or "Lustiges Taschenbuch" here in Germany, as they feature also Mickey, Scrooge and other stories and not just Donald) for western comics.
    Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, KH II, Hunter X Hunter, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shaman King, E's, Neon Genesis Evangelion, .hack and Kyou Kara Maou! in the manga department, lol.
    As for the wiki I really doubt this...as only officially confirmed information is slated to be published there. When there is wrong information somewhere it hasn't just been noticed by the staff yet.
    I'm mostly concerned with the abilities-sections of the BBS-characters atm and help out sometimes with clearing out trivia (I still suck at wiki-coding so no big projects as of now).
    The only things that interest me in Final Mixes in general, and what makes me loath them, is the new added story parts. I also wasn't that superior thrilled with the LS in KH II FM or the data battles. The only thing I'd wished for that the story battle with Roxas would have been playable from the very first time.
    If FMs really would be released around here (or in UK, as they use the PAL Norm too, then I would import it), otherwise, nope.
    A summary of the whole series 0_o, my, my, ask me that again when KH III is about to hit shelves, lol.
    To be honest, Nomura's designs do have some slight similar elements which make them all noticeable as his, yet I read that Noctis will have a completely new personality not yet seen in any other main FF protagonist.
    Ah Crisis Core...it was the game I mainly got the PSP for...and it shows Sephiroth as a good guy...and honestly I like him even more when he was good and not insane. Zack Fair...never ceases to amuse me with his neat personality...yet on the other hand while I like the design of his Rapier and his overall story is good, Genesis does annoy me with his repeated Loveless-quotes. Heck, not even Kuja was this annoying with his shakespeare-talk.

    With "career" I didn't actually mean job-related things, but when I started joining communities and began doing more in the net than just looking for information and downloading pictures, lol.
    I think the first Forum I ever joined was Nexgear.com, a board that is mostly associated with the series Hunter X Hunter from Yoshihiro Togashi. And in every forum I am registered as well as the Wiki I use the same nickname.

    Destiny Points are the "moving points" of the boards in story mode. Every time you move a field and relocate your base field you lose one DP.
    The trick is to use as few movements as possible to reach the goal (the red Chaos piece).
    You can gain additional DPs by fulfilling Requirements in various Manikin-fights. Some of them read i.e. demoralize your foe in 10 seconds. If you fulfill that requirement and win the battle, you'll get additional DPs after that.

    I actually haven't touched the MF again yet, too much other things to do.
    And exploiting VS's AI to trap him behind that rock pillar and then strike raid him to death feels like cheating to me, therefore I won't do it that way.

    Lol, the MF is fought at the mountain summit in LoD, there are no obstacles in which he can be blocked.
    LMAO, bad luck for No heart...that proves that sometimes it is advantageous to be a tad smaller.
    Not counting teleport abilities Ventus has to be one of the most skilled acrobatic and agile characters in KH me thinks. He may have bad physical defense, but first one needs to catch that evasive little whirlwind.
    It wasn't that much time like I'll took months for it or something...I just paid exceptionally close attention during the second and third playthroughs of any KH game I played, lol.
    And then added the info I got from the net. I'm a bookworm, so reading isn't an issue. I am registered in some other forums, yet I don't recall any of them a KH-board.
    However, I am an active member of the wiki and will most likely also remain one when the wiki finally moves.

    To order it would be the smallest problem, the money is the issue. And to be honest, if I have already the german BBS why should I bother with the FM? I'm mostly interested in the story anyway and the bits that are new in the FM can be looked up on the net. Recolored Unversed, a new command styles or additional secret bosses even nastier than MF may be nice and all, but to me it's not a must-have.

    Versus XIII I will allow myself if I have still bucks after 3DS, Re:Coded, Days and Dissidia: Duodecim. If Agito (or type-0, as it's now called) will turn out ok that's an option too.
    I'm mainly interested in Versus XIII on the point on if it really holds what it promised and the ridiculously long development time (which delays KH III to no end) is really worth it.
    I don't know why but Noctis somewhat reminds me of Nomura, just younger, lol.

    That would depend on if just "Sephiroth" is already used or not. Although while I do admit I'm a fan of Sephiroth, I'm not obsessed with him and I also like Kefka Palazzo, Ultimecia and most other FF villains.
    The 0812 actually describes my birthday, the 8th December, and I've used this nickname everywhere since I started my "online-career", lol.

    Yeah, but explaining the Dissidia-story would be a big wall of text...essay type...*ggg*.
    Well, the gods...
    This is Cosmos, the goddess of harmony and order, leading the "heroes" in Dissidia:

    and this is Chaos, the god of destruction and discord, leader of the "villains" in Dissidia.
    Chaos is actually the main antagonist of Dissidia and the final boss of the story in the game.

    The Colosseum mode is were you choose the character you want to fight with (both heroes and villains are playable) and then enter a sort of card game. Every card has either a job (i.e. White mage always heals you to full after a battle), battle cards (in which you fight an other Dissidia-character to earn medals) and treasure cards (which hold items that have a price in medals). It's practically a neverending battle and useful for earning items.

    I equipped Terra with Ultima Weapon, put on some mine spells and Mega-Potions. Then I played "catch me" with Vanitas and maneuvered so he would stumble into mine after mine.
    Shotlocks are totally useless against him, but I did occasionally slide towards him and gave him one single whack with the keyblade when he is about to use that shadow-orb move. 50% of the time you can make him cancel the move that way. But no more than one strike, or he will retaliate with his countermoves.

    So the strategy where practically mines and a occasional single Keyblade strike. To avoid the mines doing too few damage, I switched Chaos Ripper for Ultima Weapon.

    Ven's small and spry, has the best evasion commands and is also the fastest...no wonder it's easier with him on the MF, lol.

    I got it and will reply to that next...*ggg*
    I actually read it in an article in the net about the 3DS. As it is the successor of the original DS it will be able to play normal DS games, just like the PS2 can do with PS1 games.

    Oh my, now I'm flattered. It's actually pretty diverse, first I tend to very closely read all the secret reports and follow cutscenes veery closely, then start elaborated thinking to interpret it.
    Then there are of course the Nomura-interviews, which once where collected on one site but this one is sadly down since December 2010. I used to read them and then compare it with the conclusions I reached from the reports and cutscenes in-game.
    One easy example to "harvest" a fact just by the games is the issue of Ventus "losing" his heart. Some people say that Ven lost his heart right after the x-blade was destroyed, bringing up Yen Sid as evidence.
    Yet that's not even possible since Ven is still able, despite being comatose, to summon his keyblade while on Aqua's back, and Yen Sid also says only that he can't sense Ven's heart anymore (indicates the injury is so severe the heart isn't senseable anymore => ties also in nicely to Roxas having it without feeling it later) and goes on to say it is as if Ven's heart left, he only says the situation is similar, not that Ven's heart really left.

    The KH-wiki is also an address, yet the information there is always to be examined with a sharp eye, as there are some over-simplifications and errors.
    For internet addresses KH13.com - Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Birth by Sleep Final Mix is a neat site which covers much information, if one really has enough time he/she can also search through the news archives to find some of the Nomura-interviews.
    Same goes for HEARTSTATION.ORG, which is also a pretty good place for getting KH-Information. Under the url HEARTSTATION.ORG | Novels one can even read the chapters of the japanese-only Kingdom Hearts-novels, which are translated by fellow forum-member goldpanner in her free-time.
    If one don't want to play through all games steadily again and again for analyzing cutscenes (and there's most times also no time on hand to do this, lol) you should consult KHvids and their cutscene archive.
    I wouldn't particulary call myself a "master of KH", as I also can be wrong ya know. I'm interpreting the Kingdom Hearts series, and I try to base it on as much evidence (or perceived evidence) as possible to make it plausible, yet I also do make assumptions and form theories. If there are conflicting views on a matter I would certainly not advise to take my stance on the subject as always 100% truth, I'm a normal guy sitting in Germany after all, and not the secret ghost writer of Nomura, lol.

    The problem isn't so much the importing issue, Re: CoM was released in English in the USA, so I could read and play it, yet still USA, as well as Japan (for the FMs), use the NTSC TV-Norm which can't be played in European consoles as we have the PAL-System over here.
    I would have to hack my PS2 for it and the danger of damaging it is just too great a risk.
    BBS FM would be a possibility since the PSP is not region-locked, but one also needs money for buying. And if I want a 3DS, Re:Coded, Days, Dissidia Duodecim and FF Versus XIII I have to save some bucks somewhere.

    In short, the story of Dissidia is about a neverending cycle of war between the gods Cosmos and Chaos, orchestrated by Cid of the Lufaine with the help of Shinryu, the great interdimensional dragon.
    If one god and his/her warriors lose the current war, everything is reset and the next round of the war commences.
    There are some twists to the world "Dissidia" and why everyone from different worlds is there, but I will only spoil it entirely if you want so...;)

    I actually play Colosseum mode most of the time, I can use many characters fairly good, only with Jecht I'm still hopeless, lol.

    I owned Vanitas's sentiment with Terra, as I'm in his scenario now again. I beat Final Episode and my next goal is defeating both secret bosses with all three characters, starting with Terra.

    Aww, now relax, it's not such an issue...if there's any double one I'll notice it and don't save it again, lol.
    Well, I have no favorite nor a specific hate, but still, seeing the diversity of the fandom I can imagine many pairings around the forum...*ggg*

    That's good to know.
    "God of KH" is either Yen Sid or Nomura....but I let you judge if the "dream" would actually be possible in KH itself...
    I just send the hint ahead again that the dream was chapter 1 and the bit of chapter 2 I already have, the prologue I added later because I didn't want to just "jump in", lol.
    Not really an issue, as great KH and also this forum and i-net is, RL always has to/should come first. ;)
    The only games I really played were KH 1, KH 2 and BBS, as I don't own a DS. Yet when I get a 3DS I can still play Days and Re:Coded, as the thing is backwards compatible.
    Nonetheless I spoiled the shit out of the original Coded with a FAQ so I basically know what's going on. Re: CoM I watched on Youtube since those idiots from Square didn't release it in Europe.

    Is it really your PSP or your copy of BBS...do other PSP games also not work?
    My PSP is already several years old, it's a PSP 2004. I originally purchased the PSP for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIII and got then also FF 1 and FF 2...and then came Dissidia and BBS...those two are the ones I play most nowadays.
    My PSP also has some "strange behaviours" now as i.e. the analog stick sometimes causing downward movement despite I'm not even touching the stick and the UMD-case doesn't fit completely anymore, causing the stupid home menu to pop up at impossible times.
    After I fixed the UMD-case with some tape it now works again, lol.
    Vanitas's Remnant is actually fun to fight once you know how he "functions", not so MF...but I'll try him again sometime, yesterday after 50+ tries I was just so frustrated that I switched to Dissidia and did go on a rampage with Sephiroth.

    So, does photobucket assign those cryptic names to the pics?

    To be completely honest I normally keep out myself from the constant "pairing"-wars and as I do not have a single favorite character I also do not have a single favorite pairing.
    In fact I'm somewhat glad there's no officially canon pairing yet, as this allows everyone to worship what they like without steadily people coming in saying "but canon is this..."
    So for this kind of pics nearly every combination of original characters is fine...be it Sora/Kairi, Sora/Naminé, Kairi/Naminé, Naminé/Xion, Riku/Xion, Riku/Sora, Sora/Ven, Roxas/Ven or whatever, I have no real preference and neither do I declare any pairing as disgusting or "false". I know there is always this part of the fandom and I can live with it...:D
    Just no MX or Disney characters in compromising positions or the little kids (BBS-Sora or Ienzo and the like) please, that's where even my broad tolerance ends, lol.

    Cute and/or funny pics are always nice, regardless of the characters displayed.

    No need for apologies, I'll see it when it's done. I also haven't found time yet to sort out my fanart-collection (they're mixed with screenshots and CGI-pics in the KH-folder).

    Very well then, I'll see how I get it to ya per PM.
    Maybe I will one day post it officially in the forum...but that's only possible if the thing gets at least a friggin' title, lol.
    My writing in conversation may be decent, but writing a story is still a different matter.
    Another pal of mine who already read the prologue told me that Kairi and Sora act somewhat OOC and Sora's language is in some parts "way to high" *ggg*.
    But I let ya judge for yourself.
    It was weird...normally I don't even remember dreams I had, yet this one I had one night after watching Blank Points and getting the first glimpses of KH 3D way back in November 2010.
    And I honestly didn't think about any pairing but making a decent story out of it and tie it in to actually established plotlines.
    Hi there, I'm fine, just a tad busy in RL...and it's going to still increase a bit more as I've got a job starting at 1st March.
    Nevertheless this'll help me save up money for a 3DS and KH 3D, lol.
    Also I'm at the frustrating task to beat Mysterious Figure. I reloaded my Terra-Save and after about 7 or 8 tries I beat Vanitas's Sentiment, yet the Mysterious Figure is some really bad cheater sometimes...pulling out that "Magnet-Rope" move two times in a row is really cheap...grr

    I know what you mean...if the pics have only some numbers it's sometimes difficult to tell which one is which.
    As for this bunch of pics,
    Little Sora cuddling that shadow is a cute sight...lol, and everybody admiring Aqua...who can blame them.
    In purely black and white ones it's difficult to tell who's who, yet in the second I can indentify Riku (far at the left) and Ven in the middle because of the white-edged wristband, yet I can't determine the others, if they are all Ven and Vanitas or if there are Roxas and Sora too...*ggg*, the one at the bottom right has an expression one won't expect from Vanitas, so it's probably Sora.

    Strangely the third one is easier, Roxas and Sora several times and one drawing of Lea.
    The fourth...I wonder what they say...:p
    Fifth one almost looks like if Ven and Vanitas came to terms with one another...lol.

    The sixth one...whew, while it's artistically nice done for my personal taste Roxas looks a tad too girly there. What the heck is that? Has he borrowed a dress from Mulan? lol
    Seventh...*bursts out laughing", so that's what Vanitas looks like when he goes to Halloween Town...

    For the last one...yeah, it is "perv", but to be honest...Vanitas's a real sicko and I actually can imagine him acting like that.
    At least, in the bottom panel he gets what he deserves by a Sora/Ventus tag-team...lol
    Really like them all.

    That Fic...well, you'll laugh but I don't even know what kind of fic it is by now.
    It's my absolutely first time writing something like this (additionally in English, too) and it has as of now neither a genre nor a title.
    I actually based it on a dream I once had of KH (Chapter 1) and then wrote a prologue to it and the first bits of Chapter 2.
    So as it stands now there exist the prologue, Chapter 1 and a part of Chapter 2...if ya wanna read it I can send it to ya in a PM (or as an attachment if PMs allow this).

    Of course I can look up my picture folders, just give me some time to upload some worthy ones! ;)
    That Xehanort-one is really funny as hell...lol.

    Like I said, as long as it doesn't involve too big age gaps between the partners and/or involves little children (this counts also for hetero-pairings btw ;) ) it's ok for me.

    Some from these are illustrations from the novels I see.
    Lol, the fifth one looks like Axel just whacked Xion over the head and she's like "WTF was that for?"

    The last two are done with really warm colours, nice. And Terra kissing Ven on the forehead like a big brother...*ggg*
    I even read somewhere that kissing one's person's forehead indicates protective intentions on the part of the one providing the kiss.

    And my gosh, in the third one Ven's eyes are really outstanding, wow.
    While it does not include a romantic sort of relationship...this third pic actually has a interesting parallel to the very first Fan-Fic I have started to type some months ago...lol.
    Ya, 's why I asked xD;;;
    I'll take you up on your offer, but do it in the FC? :3 that way everyone can enjoy it.
    Yup, they're very nice.
    Lol, that pic with Saix and the whole "Xehanort-Mess" is so hilarious.
    Again some cuteness attacks and Axel plays a perv...why doesn't this wonder me one bit...*ggg*

    Feel free to show me more...;)
    Thanks stars. Very nice ones I'm going to save for my pic-collection

    Who's legs are this in the fourth pic? Terra's?
    And the last one just screams "cute".

    Err, of course I can accept some of this.

    In fact, while I may be a straight guy and not a die-hard yaoi-fan that doesn't mean I'm a homophobic maniac or can't appreciate some art in that department.
    I even read some yaoi stories sometimes.
    They're all fictional characters anyways.
    The only thing I can't stand is too explicit stuff between partners with a too big age gap (such as Vanitas with Master Xehanort or something akin to that) or stuff involving children.
    Pedo-Indication may be funny for some Forum conversation but that's it about it.
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