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    Merry Christmas!
    I had no idea you'd replied. I just had one thing to buy... And me and my choir from church went to sing to everyone in the nursing home my mom works at. So, it wasn't a visit. :3
    I'm glad to hear you're better. :3 I don't really have big plans, I'm just spending Christmas at home. I've been at a nursing home and shopping most of today, though.
    There are a lot who don't like it... I personally thought it was pretty fun. Wonderland confused me so much, though. It took forever to get through there for me. I didn't expect the shooting level, either.

    That's pretty short notice. I can try to write you a poem by tomorrow, if you wish. :3
    Thanx. I'll prob be back on l8r. I dont do jack at work anyways. Or at least I wont tomorrow since I'll be the only one there.
    It is really confusing at first, isn't it? With all the news, I really can't wait for 3D to come out!

    Thank you very much for your concern. :3 But, it's winter break for my school, so I get to stay up, hooray!
    I finished Re:Coded a while back. It was fun, and I liked the last part the most. How are you liking it? I'm going to try to play TWEWY, too. I'm just so excited!
    None of mine do either, so it's nice to have somewhere to discuss the games. Plus, there are news, interesting people, forum games, etc. Lots of great things here.
    Hi! My fiance~ Haha, j/k. :3

    It's nice to meet you, and thank you for the friend request. I'll happily add you, but can we talk first? I like to get to know people better for a bit, then I add them as friends. c:
    Spamming = things that did not have/need to be said.

    You clearly did such. if you think I was out of line contact a mod and try to get it removed. But I'm pretty sure they will see it as I did.
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