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  • Life's good, I haven't really read anything good lately.I've been too busy on the Inferno.My Inferno laziness is gone finally and I'm back to collecting wood, all thanks to playing Grand Theft Auto 4 from beginning to end(since I haven't played it from beginning to end in a long time).It was just what I needed to get my spirits back up. <3
    I sent a friend request to you Takuya, because you and I seem to get along well.If you don't want to add me, I'll understand.
    Feeding your sci-fi addiction, I see. Wanted to stay away from KHI for a while as well. Specially since I currently have a few zombie shooters sitting in my harddrive.

    Anyway, doubt any events would come soon so being a stand in doesn't sound too bad.
    So, uhh, still playing Inferno? Wanted to extend an invite to the VFD to you <.<

    Don't have to play competitively. Just need a few extra members so the place isn't just full of posts from Res and I.
    waker u free this saturday cause its laborday weekend that we were doing the sir guy sorry to keep changing on u D:
    Hello, i am here to tell you about AN AWESOME NEW FORUM!!!
    We are new and we are looking for members to join. We talk about Megaman, Fire emblem, and all games in General. You should really come and check us out, were awesome. Need help with a game, we are there.


    Thats the link. Please join. You will be appreciated and surrounded by friends. Come and have fun ^_^ Tell them Megaman sent you. See you there :)
    sorry but can u find a replacement for me i got to do stuff on that day that we were going to fight the Traverse Town thing or we can do the the last one ur decison
    hi waker just wanted to tell u im lvl 16. guess king beat me at telling u that were partners. i cant make it the first event place which i think is somewhere new in disney castle. we need to talk where were gonna fight for.
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