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    News ► Trophy Lists for KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5+2.5 ReMix

    I hadn't finished the PS3 collections so I was hoping to pick up where I left off...but the trophy lists are definitely not shared (especially with the changes) between PS3 and 4 and there most likely won't be a save file transfer either. Hmm...to start over or just finish the PS3 version? I'd...
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    Whats New In 1.5 and 2.5 for PS4?

    I think that was because of the slow Blu-ray disc drive. With PS4 games requiring a mandatory HDD install, I'm pretty sure this issue will now be fixed.
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    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Announced

    Re: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue announced 0.2 was described as a new playable "episode". I wouldn't expect it to be a full fledged game with several worlds. I'd expect it to have maybe an hour or two of gameplay, all in the Realm of Darkness.
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    Blank Points not remastered in HD

    Nothing to do with disc space as pre-rendered videos actually take up a lot more space than realtime cutscenes. If I recall correctly, there's a lot of scenery changes in Blank Points. If it was realtime, it would have to load everytime the scenery changes. Maybe they didn't want to interrupt...
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    Blank Points not remastered in HD

    Full Motion Video. Meaning it's just a video file that's being played back instead of a cutscene that is rendered in real time. FMVs are a weakpoint in pretty much every HD port ever, not just here. Game devs rarely have the time or the original assets to go back and re-render them entirely...
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    Blank Points not remastered in HD

    It's an FMV. Ain't much you can do besides upscaling it. They could've tried reassembling it scene by scene with the new models but other things like the re:coded cutscenes might have been a priority over one or two FMVs in KH2 and BBS. "Lazy dev" is rarely a reason for anything. It's generally...
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    Blank Points not remastered in HD

    Probably because it's FMV and they didn't bother rerendering them with updated models.
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    Dream Drop Distance HD Confirmed in X[chi]?

    It's not a remake though, it's just a home console port. There doesn't need to be a number of years between the original release and the port for it to be relevant. It's to reach a user base outside of 3DS owners (such as me :p)
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    What would you want out of a KH3D:HD?

    I have never played it due to not having an interest in handhelds anymore, so I'd be fine with just getting the game on console. Standalone retail disc release would be best (and most likely what we're gonna get). It would be neat if it were a "Final Mix" version with added features I guess...
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    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    To quote myself: Compression is the key here. Both Days and Re: CoM's cutscenes are noticably softer in look than KH1's realtime scenes and both have artifacts as a result of compression. Out of curiousity, I would like to know the source of that filesize. If someone is able to take a look...
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    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    I just said they weren't... They're pre-rendered video files using the game engine graphics. They even have obvious video compression artifacts (especially obvious in dark areas on the screen, the Deep Dive scene was the worst offender).
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    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    If it's like Days, then the cutscenes aren't in real-time though.
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    1080p Confirmed Yet?

    Because any resolution that a game is natively rendered in on the console will be scaled to HDTV standards, meaning either 720p or 1080p.
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    Opinion on final boss fights in KH1?

    I don't like the final battle much. I generally think it's kind of bad design when the final battle utilizes a playstyle that is different from how you usually play the game (in this case, flying - which also does not let you use most of your combat abilities). At the least the flying gimmick is...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Trophy List Revealed!

    Pretty much the expected "do everything". I'm okay with that. Also glad there is no difficulty trophy for each level this time.