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    lol dude calm down its ok I'm asking other people if they can do it, don't worry about it if you can't get it then its ok.
    Ok I searched you're error code it has something to do with the computer not having the latest firmware or something, and yeah I'm waiting for you online, are you online or no?
    I did it, but what does that have to do with the wireless network? The error code it gives me is 61020 if that helps.
    did you try going to the start menu and going to control panel? I'm sure you can turn it off. Go to start Command/Control Panel/Windows Firewall click that and turn it off.
    Do you have firewall up? that was my problem for a while.
    Yeah sure I don't mind! ok my FC is in my sig whats yours?
    Hey man I'm sorry I'm late and keep disppearing my stupid family keeps doing thigns with me, but now I should be open to trade you ready to trade?
    yeah sure if you don't mind I would love to have heh.
    is it going to be a problem for you? I just need it just because I'm trying to get ready for my battle thats coming up.
    Hey could I get the pokerus? I really need it.
    I started a new game idk how long ago D=
    I have eight badges, but I haven't beat the Pokemon League yet
    What's up, man. So we're fighting each other the first round. Talk to me any time to work out something for us.
    Just wondering what time zone you live in; I'm on the United States east coast (EST, GMT-4)
    Hey, Fishman, this is Sol from the Pokémon tournament. I just wanted to let you know that since Riel has dropped out from the tournament you will be taking his place. Your battle partner for the first round is Et Cetera. Please remember that the first round lasts fro April 26 to April 28 and within this space of time you and your partner must battle and post the winner in the thread. Thanks!
    yea but the funny thing is that the vid he got tasered actually happened months before the bus fight and months ago that vid was famous but no one knew that was EBM
    yea they already made a short documentary on the guy and that was the title of the documentary "I AM A MOTHERFUCKER"

    its sorta true too
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