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  • haha seems like everyones laptops are starting to fizzle out nowadays. mine needs a new battery and graphics card
    Well I've gotten into writing poetry, and making digital graphics, and if I were to speak honestly, I believe my craft in both of those are pretty sick..at least in myopinion. XD.

    How about you? what's the last three years been like for you?
    I think about 6-7 months ago, or longer. I'm not really sure. Whenever the site upgraded to 4.0 is when the RPG was taken down.
    I think I remember you now. Well in any case, good to see one of the original homies(what I call my friends :p), from back in the day. Shame that the inferno isn't around here anymore..at least until the people who make it upgrade their tech. :x
    Was it back when the RPG inferno was still up? But man, I have the most terrible memory out there. 2008 was a lifetime ago(internet I mean :p)
    Umm hey. You sent me a friend request, so I assume you know me, but I don't know/remember you. :<

    So, yeah. xD
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