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  • Hi, how are you doing?

    Um, I don't know what's going on; but when you get the chance, can you please post on World Heist? While everyone's not in the room (at the moment); some of us are kind of waiting on you to post. Please and thank you. :)
    Thanks a lot, Truky. Although, from the sounds of it she'll be able to post tonight; she's got a couple of ideas floating around in her head.
    I'm afraid I'll be dropping out of your RP, I seem to be having time restraints that would get in the way of my activity during your RolePlay. Sorry if I've delayed you, and good luck with the RP =3.
    I'm doing okay, although depending on how things go; could Dream get an extra twenty-four hours? We found out yesterday about our aunt being in the hospital, so she's up there with our mom visiting, afterwards they're going to a car auction to try to sell this one car we don't want anymore (it's kinda just sitting in the driveway taking up room); after that we're supposed to head over to our grandparents. So, yeah, if it wouldn't be an issue thanks; she is definitely interested in the RP, I just don't know how well her focus/ambition/muse is going to be after we're done running for the day. Well, now that I'm done rambling, hi.
    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Dream says she'll get a post up sometime tomorrow at the latest, she might try getting one done today; she's not going to make any promises on today though. :) How are you doing?
    i would cut it off asap, it is going to take forever as is. So if they are a no show by tonight, too damn bad. That would be my opinion.
    Terribly sorry for not posting up my Template yet! I had some difficulties with posting it the day before, however, I think I have figured out the problem. I should be able to post it today, as well as compose an intro post as soon as I can. I hope I didn't miss the deadline yet ^ ^''?
    has everyone posted? If so you should go. You have a lot of ppl in this, be careful or it will die due to one lazy poster.
    I think you will be pleased to know that I have fulfilled your request, and indeed made Andrew's introduction post. It is up right now, as a matter of fact.

    I can't wait for this to really get moving. *Evil finger pyramid*
    Yep, she said that her post already revolved around Solokenisis, and I take understandings as a 'no'
    Never mind, she wanted an understanding and I take them as a flat out no.
    Would I be able to change my second into Telekenisis?
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