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  • posted, I like it, comedy relief in the midst of turmoil... nothing better...

    you should sign up for Pokemon Saviors
    ive honestly never done an RP like this so it'll be fun doing something outside the norm for me
    hey just FYI if you didn't know your character and mine are roommates in the High School Story RP. so hey roommate =]
    (Damn grammatical errors....>_>) I'll edit that. Sorry. I type fast, so stuff sometimes gets by. ^_^

    There ya go, all gone. :)
    Had an idea, completely up to you of course, but I thought it was an interesting one. What if I could still play as Kylie, but in a more limited fashion? Perhaps the events that led to to her death through flashbacks? You could just PM basic guidelines as to what you want to happen and I could fill out the blanks? Just a thought, I just felt that Kylie has a story to tell.
    I apologize, I've just been really busy lately, I had planned to write, but if you can make good use of Kylie, then by all means, feel free to do so. :)
    Yeah I'm back for good lol. I'm actually thinking about making 2 new rp's, but there not gonna be like the old ones, or even the ones here. These are all about kingdom hearts, naruto, final fantasy, and some alchemy. That's why I was glad to see a power rangers one up, it's somthing new. I'm thinking one will be a end of the world type thing, somthing related to the rapture, not for holy reasos, but more becaus a 7 year war against good and evil is intresting to me. The other I'm not 100% sure with yet, it's still in the wind lol.
    Oh yeah, sorry about just leaving without any say. I just had some personal problems to do with, so I kinda did a blackout of a lot of things. Sorry if I caused any problems with my absense.
    Sorry I haven't posted yet, lots of unexpected things have come up, anyways, working on post now.
    any spots for heros left, I loved that show....... well before it went all to hell and turned into a watered down- spit on version of its former self....
    That sounds like fun! Meeting people's always cool. :3

    I've got uni. Assignments and studying. :( And my net is so slow~ :'<
    Hi hi Trunks! It really has been so long!!

    I have? I don't know. I don't think so. I frequently appear in the roleplaying section (of course) so people must just have seen my name. :3
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