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  • Just a few downed powerlines, and flooding that panned out in couple of days. I kind of feel bad, some people still don't have power, and they won't until September 4th ):
    The real life side is pretty damn good. I actually took a vacation to go meet my gf and her family in Georgia back in June. Aside from our lingo sounding like something out of star trek (I will admit this much, I pretty much the whitest black guy ever/geeked out). Lol I got a lot of experience from their family and relatives because everyone I was around works in the field I want to be successful in. I learned massive amounts of information on design, traditional media, and even filming and graphic animation engines like MAYA.

    As for the present day, moving soon. I can't really complain otherwise, my night shifts are when I'm really up though since I pull 36 hours on the weekdends. usually its just me sitting there from 6am - 6pm watching the clock, waiting for phone calls. Thats pretty much the jist, I got a job for a car service in my town. Boss gives you the choice of what you make by the night or to be paid hourly, I chose hourly. Though I doubt there will be much work due to the hurricane/tropical storm surfing up the coast to NJ (where I'm from and live currently).
    I was without work for about a month and a half, and I only just picked up two jobs (through a lucky break) this week. In the downtime I was just working on my digital craft and making a portfolio out of sheer boredom. I contributed a lot to the graphics community and have been making some amateur posters, because I wanna be a typesetter some day. eh, but thats all pretty standard if you don't count the job search thing lol.
    Thank you for posting in the Battle thread. Just a note; you must supersize the first letter of your post, and italicize it. Also, instead of using "quotations" you can just put the post in the
    Hey have you been messaging me on MSN about doing a quiz? Everytime I log on someone called Dick Cabral keeps messaging me about it.
    Yo bro, just to let you know that Cirtrus opened up the thread, so we can have an official finish to the battle seeing how I was having so much fun.

    Let's finish up this shit! :D
    Hey gene its been awhile, Ive been away for 4-5 months. Started working at various jobs around my city and at odd hours.

    what you been up to?
    They are. Mainly expressed through your terminology and express [conventional] methods.
    Your battle with King Sora X is still going, so continuing posting in it at your convenience. It hasn't progressed for several days now.
    I'm having trouble understanding what it is you did exactly in your post. Could you explain, please? :)
    Haah we're kinda in the same boat. It looks like im graduating as a junior, so i'm setting up classes for credits towards that during the summer (damn exiled. Everyone seemed so busy with school, even during school, and now ive got that illness too) and filling out applications for a 6 week stay at the university of my choice during summer, because if i get passing grades in that, im guaranteed acceptance. Along with all that I'm looking into Drivers ED and jobs as well as volunteer work to make me look good to the university.
    Sorry I haven't been able to post, like I said from my post, I was sick and I've been busy with school work.
    I think it would be better if you started off the battle, that way I will have time to get back to it.
    Sound good?
    You're late. Its over and there's nothing to talk about. Its been established she could have defended herself. End of story.

    Anything else?? If not good day
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