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  • well your half way there your level 10 and you need to be level 20 ok and by the way plant white grapes that will level you up quickly cause you get 2 exp and they can be harvested in 12 hours k
    ok you have to be between levels 20 and 30 then you an join co-op's and as long as some of the people plant enough and you don't plant anything you will get the prizes for being in it like if you were to join a cupcake co-op that I would start one me and my mom would have it all planted two you would get the coins and exp from it and three you would also get the birthday sheep which is the prize for doing that co-op see usagi ^^
    well there you go and you know that you can have more plots on your farm right and when you get up to a certin level you can do and join co-ops heck you could even join mine then if you wanted to.
    ok if your on Farmville go to the market and then go to the building and look for the wedding tent it will only cost you one coin and you can only get one buy it ok usagi thats the info that you asked me about
    That's always a good thing =D

    Well, I gotta go. I'll chat with ya later =)
    I hate going POOF! I miss all my friends on KHI =C

    AND WE SHOULD TALK MORE! But I don't get on the net much =\
    OMG! That happened to me tuu!

    But, YAY! I knew you'd miss me xD
    But I won't be on for much longer =C
    It is called visionairies: knights of the magical light. ^^ but illl get the link later when I'm logged in on a computer.... >>

    For I'm on me phone at thy moment. Lol

    *it continues to rain gumdrops though some r becoming sour gumdrops*
    dang... >> can't play with the owls and fly with the eagles at the same time ya know... XD lol

    lol. *continues to make it softly rain gumdrops* sugar rabbits. lol. they are under thy protection and perhaps with me back they can start to breed again... XD

    SWEET!! ^^ could i ask oh so nicely of you to check it out? :D you don't have to join, but hopefully the current rp i have made gets itself off the ground... XD
    dang... >< BAD TIREDNESS!! >< BE GONE FROM USAGI!! XD *curse fails* >.< dangmangit.... XD

    yep! ^^

    i thought it was! ^^

    lol. Here ya go. ^^ im sure u've missed my sugary items! ^^ *makes it rain dots and gumdrops*

    and hey... >> i ish unsure of how many rps ur taking part in or what not... or wether u have time... XD would u like to join a rp i had made? XD
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