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  • Oooh I remember that one =D, Kanet gamda gedee 2awee el episode deeh XD, Bezzat lama el Kebeer 2awee nezel el field =P, lolz. D'aww I miss watching it XD, sadly I barely have the time to add it to my already full watch list. You're gonna like the ending too btw ;3.

    I agree, on that. Although, the series is still good in many regards =3, I favor more the older ones, like KH1 and KH:COM. It had this glimmer of a new tale, a fresh concept, but now Nomura is messing it on the go XD, lolz. Still like it though, despite all the flaws.

    Please, the pleasure was mine =3, and thank you for the sweet compliment! 2nta 2llee wade7 2nnak sha7'seya keteer zareefa wi mo7tarama. If you ever feel like talking, or wanna ask about anything, let me know right away ;D. I'd only be pleasured to help and talk to you =]
    Hehe I like A7med Mekky's stuff too =3. Which season are you watching el 2awalnee wala beta3 ramadan elly faat =D?

    Yeah, howa shabaho shewaya bs dah 3n Alf leila wi leila bta3 Shahriar wi Schahrazad <3, bs shakloo m3mool 7elw and I can't wait for a release date already x3

    lolz I'm glad you're enjoying it =3, 'cause I sure do ;D. And ahlan ya Danny =3, ana ba2a 2smee Rana ;D. Nice to meet ya!

    I've been on KHI since March 2009, mainly I joined 'cause I was (still am) a fan of the series back then, and wanted to be up to date with news and latest highlights. Then I noticed the Roleplaying section, and have been there ever since then. Yup, I'm a roleplayer ;D, love doing so even if I'm slow as a turtle when it comes to posting XD.
    lolz El Morge7a XD?! 2awel mat2olee 3ala 2o3'neya te2oolee el morge7a =P, enta dayes gamed fel sha3bee wala 2ih? =3

    Ana ba7eb bardo Nancy Ajram, wi shewayet 7agat le Tamer Hosney especially albumatoh el 2adeema aktar. My favorite is Amr Diab <3, wi Mounir =D. Mel 2adeem shewaya Fairouz. Leek fe Omar Khairat =D, Ana ba3sha2 his music. He'll always be my favorite musician <3, if you don't know him, I recommend him greatly. His music betetkalem masree, you hear it in every note he plays =3. This may be bad quality ^ ^'', but it is still a wonderful piece of his if you're interested =3 Egyptian Overture

    Movies ba2a feeh keteer. Garab aflam A7mad Mekky, especially the last couple ones, lately most of the slangs are coming from his movies XD, and there's always good comedy in there ;3. Also Ahmed Helmy, since you liked his movie 3asal 2swed, he has Bolbol 7airan, Keda Reda, Aasef ala el ezaag. Few of those I could remember from him =3, I think some of his movies are uploaded in full on youtube. I'm not sure how the quality is gonna be though ^ ^''.

    And this One, it's only a trailer, but it's the first of its kind in the Egyptian Cinemas... And although, I'm expecting some face palms, 'cause it ain't near perfect. But I'm still hyped about it since it looks so damn cool right now <3.

    Wow, I bombarded you with a wall of text XD!!... Sorries =3, I have a knack of doing so. I hope that helped though, and if ya need any direction or further recommendations, shoot me on a vm ;D. I have lots to help =3
    Lolz yeah XD, well it's not the final saying about The Muslim Brotherhood winning this, They sure have the highest probability for winning -.-'', but there is still the second and third phases of the elections, and in the second one, it might tip the whole scale to the other side =3. I just hope they don't get these many seats XD. And if, in worst case scenario they do get them =3, well you can rest assured it won't be for long, since the parliament will have to be disbanded again once a new President is elected, and constitution gets rebuilt. So this is more closer to a testing phase if you're asking me =3. I'm not worried in both cases, 'cause People won't just nod their heads again and carry on. No turning back, nooope ;3

    Ooooh that's great =D. Shaklo meya meya wi enta btd7ak 3alaya XD, bs kaman franko arabic 3alatool kda =3, I'm impressed!

    Trust me, for someone who have lived out of contact with the actual language it can be hard =3. I have an Egyptian friend who used to live in Singapore, when she came to Egypt 5 years ago, she barely knew any Arabic, let alone reading it!
    Now, she's catching on slangs even faster than me, and writing Arabic reports in her work like it's a piece of cake XD. It's all a matter of practice and contact, you'll nail it in no time, trust me on this ;3

    Speaking of Slangs, you into any Egyptian movies =3? music?
    Haha, that's wonderful to hear =3. I share with you at least the same thing. It is my favorite place in the world as well, my very own alive and beating heart <3.

    And aw thank you ^ ^, I wouldn't say it's perfect though =3, you should see me when I mess up my grammar and end up with a new record of typos 83, every time XD.

    Well, yeah everything has toned down the last couple of days. Tahrir sq. isn't very crowded anymore, People are just waiting to see what are the results of the elections. Also, waiting for the new cabinet and its head minister, anticipate what they'll actually do different than the one before it. Hopefully, things will get to a better turn, because I can tell one more push or mistake from SCAF and they're gonna erupt once again. The good thing, however, is that it is stable now =3, even when riots implode everywhere Life's going on, People live on in it, adapt with it and fight. It is not strange anymore to call for freedom here, is all =).

    Oh, btw how's your arabic x3?
    That's a very inspirational quote =3, actually your own translation is more accurate than mine in such a case ^ ^.

    Yup =3. Never gone further than it's northern coast XD, I currently reside somewhere near El Giza =3. Have you ever been to Egypt?
    Ah! I believe the right wording should be " حالم اليوم " then, =3, the way it was written meant A dream in the morning ^ ^''

    And oh really =D, that's a first for me =3, I'm from Egypt myself. And haha yeah, it is not everyday you see arabic words on an english based forum =], except for the rare times in the Role Playing section. Lovely sig. though ;3
    Same here man, and thats great. As long you're happy, acknowledge what hardships you have and are still positive, thats a milestone not seen in kids our age. Except us, naturally :D.

    Squaring the corners out. Beating distance with my positive attitude, work ethic, and set of priorities BROTHAH.
    Might we continue this conversation over the proper eatery and drinking establishment, dear brother?

    A Dream in the morning =3?

    Your sig. threw me off for a moment, I thought I was on an arabic forum XD, lolz!
    It is very nice though =3, but I'm just wondering, are you by any chance arab =)?
    Be talking some serious studs brother. Sick of this illness your dropping and pushing like paper-weights.
    what I just said, makes no sense at all lol.

    Aww yeah.
    Yes, I do. I mean, yo, slangs the fuckin' most boss eva, its sick, bro. Like that?
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