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  • It might of so happened that my Digital Color Theory Class final wanted me to revolve around using blending. /.\
    I used mostly Illustrator however though.


    Been forever man, please please please tell me you still keep in touch with Danny/Virus? I missed him contacting me last by like a month, and forgot to ask for his contact information. GOD I MISS HIM.
    Hey, were you planning to get anything in for SotM? If you are, I can extend the due date by a day or two. We only have 3 entries, and that's not too fun.
    Oh, I didn't know that. But still, it does mean that FFXV isn't far off from being released. Probably not within a year, but should be pretty damn close, right?
    Oh, well at least I was on the right path. xD

    And yess, it iss! After what? 8 years? We're finally getting some of the good stuff, and by good stuff, I mean REAL progress. If it's true what I read about it having a March of 2015 release date, then I best get aboard the hype train to Total Epicness Town.
    I sorta kinda disappeared for like 3 years. But I'm (tentatively) back (albeit ephemerally).

    i promise you i'm decent at ps.

    Lol, but on the bright side it kind uve' reminds me of the artwork from Final Fantasy tactics series.
    It wasn't a harddrive issue like I was thinking. It needed to be booted in a different mode so i was enabled to access all my files (which I am backing up as we speak). He was giving me the premise of possibly having to either do a system restore to factory condition. Ultimately though its my battery, it offically burned out and after I removed it and plugged the powercord in manually i was able to control the keyboard and mouse no problem. Next step is to replace it with an optimal and fresh battery. Just as a precaution I would love to have all my files, PDS, and documents saved on a physical external drive (since I pay for the adobe suite on cloud anyway) i could just redownload all the additional programs I added on this computer to the next computer if that'd be an option.
    I spoke to my uncle (he literally does this kind of tech work all the time) and managed to help me with it.
    DEC for 206 is up. I was midway through posting it when you contacted me lol.
    She has a point, even in the updated threads I stickied she is tagged as an administrator over in DM xD.
    I added and stickied a resource "Do's and Don'ts" thread in the respective subsections. Bringing the vitality and importance of what is ok to use and what's not.
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