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  • I just love Donkey Kong's stares. His face and eyes just look goofy. It reminds me of Donkey Kong in Mario party from a Youtube channel called Game Grumps.
    Yeah, lol. It gets me every time. Everyone is just speeding by but then Donkey Kong just stares straight at your soul as the game slows down. Then as soon as he looks away everything goers back to normal. I can't handle it xD
    No, it wasn't. My username was Lycoris/lycorismoon29 up until 2010. Then my name was changed to Erhnic Woman. It wasn't until maybe late 2011 when I joined staff that I changed my name to Master Spockanort.

    I WAS the first person on any site to figure out that the voice from the leaked trailer snippet was Leonard Nimoy, though. And I'm a huge Star Trek fan. And I really like Xehanort as a character. It seemed fitting. I'm the only person on staff with a relatively KH name lol.
    Hi, I moved your "Death of..." thread to Forum Insanity because it really had no discussion value. Though if you do wish to discuss the topic of how well Goofy's "death" was handled in KH2 and perhaps pose some questions on it like "How do you think it and future games would have been if Goofy had actually been dead?" or "Do you think there was value in Goofy's fake-out death scene?" you are welcome to making a new thread on the topic in Series Discussion!
    Well, certainly, Peter Pan is more egregious. Pocahontas is a much more divisive point of conversation even within the Indigenous communities I've encountered. I have Native friends who enjoy much of the movie, although I don't know many who don't see it for its flaws as well. To me, it's kind of a culmination of many minor offenses which altogether compose a clustercuss of historical inaccuracy, visual disrepute, cultural appropriation and the ever-aggravating White Savior routine.
    I'm not even sure it's specifically a matter of Kingdom Hearts so much as their own unwillingness to feel culpable in any way; obviously, I didn't think you meant to imply that anyone who plays KH is racist, but sometimes people become strongly defensive against such ideas when they have a personal investment in them, especially when they suspect there may be a notion of truth about them. It's not an uncommon mentality, unfortunately; I've had a myriad of rather frustrating encounters trying to explain how, as an Indigenous person, movies like Pocahontas and Peter Pan (though only in some aspects with regards to the latter) are extremely offensive to me (and how my relief at them having not been incorporated into the KH universe as of yet is unimaginable). It can be difficult to get people to hear that: they would much rather indulge and justify a romanticized stereotype than lend an ear in order to learn why they're harmful, negative appropriations of cultural identities. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that they don't want their interests to be categorically linked to racism; so they deny the notion of racism where it benefits them and recognize it only where it is an immediately obvious and socially fixed conclusion. As such, in the minds of certain audiences, racism is a very limited concept; or, rather, their concept of racism is very limited. Unless a black person is called the N word or physical, undue harm is involved, it often becomes a matter of "opinion" where it doesn't really sustain a debate at all except for the fact that childish fantasies are an apparently stronger motivator than reason and an educated standard. :/
    Hi there! Yes, I don't quite understand it either. My guess is someone became prone to righteous indignation and complained the thread wasn't politically incorrect enough. Sad. I found it to be one of the more substantial topics addressed so far among the pages of scans, trivia, and general KH praise.
    Yeah, Rydgea and I were mentioning that. I still don't understand why it was locked.

    Of course! Like I said, it's something that's bothered me about the series for a while, so I'm glad someone brought it up. I figured it had already been discussed in great deal, but apparently many people here have never taken the time to explore the content on that level. So thank you for making the discussion prevalent. :3
    Haha, true story. Worst thing is that she was african american, it was pretty awkward, lmao.
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