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  • Yeah, I don't find Steve funny, in the ha-ha sense.

    I do, however, find him... "funny". So... sorry. Hope I could help out. Still...

    Keep fightin' the good fight. *discreet brofist*
    Yeah.... he his the funniest guy on the fourm and probs in real life Buster Brown
    A lot of emotions. Cuddy is engaged to Lucas. House doesn't want his patients leg cut off. Then some more House emotions. Cuddy and House have an emotional moment. Cheesy. Ummm...you can actually watch it online right now...Watchxonline has it playing if you trust the site enough to not give you viruses.
    Yeah it is. Its pretty cool, I am about half way through uploading the FFXII Soundtrack too
    You see him a couple times at the beginning. I havent actually "met" him yet though, but every cutscene I see him in he says some awesome quotes XD
    Yeah Basch and Balthier are awesome. Vaan, he is actually very good statistically. My main party is Basch (I ALWAYS have him as team leader because he should be the main character XD and he is epic), Balthier is also a must for my party, and I also use Vaan. He really starts to not be a hugely important character storywise later so dont worry about that.

    The thing about Vaan for me, I actually like him. Except that horrible design. Its like they wanted him to be hated.
    Na you didn't and it's fine. I understand that boys would be into that stuff but he's posted things like that for a few months
    Thats awesome XD

    Well nice talking to you, I think Im going to go to sleep. If you are stuck on something in XII feel free to ask me and I will try to help :D
    Balthier is the most popular character in the game. He is the super awesome guy :D He is in Final Fantasy Tactics as a secret character and he is easy to unlock. He is AWESOME in FFT. He has Mustadios Abilities, the speed of a ninja, and upgraded versions of a thief's steal abilities.

    Gabranth and Basch are also very cool.

    Anyway, XII seems to be a game that is "like or hate" and I like it because of the fun gameplay and awesome supporting characters. I havent gotten extremely far into the story so I dont know what to say about that, but what I the story I have seen so far was cool and the voice acting is extremely good. Definately give it a try. You might like it

    You should play XII at some point. Im on my first run and am really enjoying it. The "main" character may be sort of weird (Vaan) but after about an hour through you meet the greatest FF character alive. Then you meet my favorite XII character, and even later you see the sheer epicness that is Gabranth.
    Of coarse! I just am not quite sure what to upload this weekend (I upload OSTs on the weekends because I have a lot of time to do it)

    I think it might be XII, but I am not sure. Do you have a suggestion?
    I'm not quite sure who, but it's at Eye Burners Inc. in Creative Media, so I am just waiting until I get some news on it. I am very glad I found that track that plays in the Delita's Will Cutscene.

    Im good. Its about as nice as a monday can be right XD

    Anyways, that Delita avatar is still being made I think. I requested it, hope I get it soon. I want to use if for my Youtube channel.
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