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  • Keep saving up your money...the PS3 is a great buy, but I think it is a hard choice between the 3DS and PS3, only because the PS3 has superior games graphics and probably gameplay too since it can hold more and it is more smooth, but the 3DS is portable and 3D!
    I don't mind turn-based...as seen with Pokemon, which is also a great game, but I prefer real time the best.
    Oh yeaaaah...
    PFFT. xD I don't want to know what happened... >.>;

    I watched some Naruto, and an episode or two of Bleach.
    Then my mom cancelled our satellite subscription. :c
    Yeah he did, remember when the days concept came out and he actually looked like a man?

    Lol I got into bleach, hated naruto, I'm falling out of bleach, and naruto's doing a lot better XD
    Yeah gotta love KH2, I really enjoyed it but I was bummed that Roxas lasted so shortly in the gameplay...although I swear he looked more like Sora at the end of CoM on the GBA.

    Now the twists that I absolutely hate are... Kubo's twists in the bleach series.
    Lol yeah well I'm sure eitrher way it goes, Nomura will give us some nice big twists before this ends.
    Check out the FF10 ones...I think those were my favorite, but I'll have to check that to make sure.
    Not to me he isn't lol. Yeah his final battle occult robes were pretty awesome.
    You know the best way to irritate yuffie right? Take her on really long flights XD.

    LOL watch Xehanort be like hhhmmmm a younger wessel mwahahahaha it's a two year old baby, err wait not smart enough hehehehe Soras body will be mine... not really XD Yeah I do expect some sort of twist, but I know by the end of Kingdom Hearts Xehanort arc, there will be savior for everyone whos lives MX ruined.
    Not to mention the fact that Xemnas, a man with no heart, was TRYING to be an emo badass, EPIC PHAIL... the only thing he had working for him was a huge dragon, he actually got into kingdom hearts, well a wounded version, and kick ass multiplayer XD.

    Lol Then mix in Yuffi, Namine, and Kairi for a wicked pillow fight XD Just don't let Namine get ahold of ANY books until you leave the white place.

    Um true, but if I saw a look alike of me with yellow eyes and black hair I'd be like "shit, your from the darkness and whats your business with me? Hey lets go split a monster and talk about it" "what we'll become the ultimate weapon and rule the world, AND betray the man who made you O.O I like it, just dopn't try to trick me, I will make sure we/I/you end up with split personality if you even try to take total control"

    Well it's siomple, I believe when terra lockes his heart he lock his heart AND Xehanorts inside of him, sora needs to learn how to use the keyblade to unlock hearts, once he does that he can unloack Terranorts two hearts and Seperate them... in my theory anyway.
    Not to mention Xehanort and sephi have another thing in common... well xehanorts heartless, they both love showing off their muscley chests XD

    LOL Yeah I would luagh if I saw a moogle with some dubage in castle oblivion. Lol I would laugh watching sora SH!T his pants when he meets Vanitas. Yeah vens screwed until sora sets everythingright, which you know he will, probably because of his Connection to ven why he was drawn into Castle Oblivion originally. Vani will be out for blood, psycho outburts, laughs, meniacal schemes, and of course beating the crap outta some people XD
    I thought it was more vens heart was fixed, vani rejoined him, thus permanently fixing his heart, but vani took over because well, lets face it Vani is Badass and ven is comparativly a wimp, then they're heart became the X-blade, and then he beat vanitas, thus rejecting him and idk what happens beyond that XD, I assumed his heart went to sora, and vanitas well he went somewhere, btu I'm going to laugh if Vanitas returns because the experience and negativity in Castle Oblivion brought him back, sora goes to find ven in Castle oblivion btu runs into Vanitas still in posession of vens body, or vebn has like hulk moments, one minute he's this cute cuddly fashinably correct emo kid the next he's a raving lunatic badboy going on a rampage.

    I LOVED Castle oblivion so I'm glad Ventus was put there, probably still there, which means we'll definately make a return visit. It wouldn't surprise me if we see Vanitas in the future. Moogles will always be there XD even if they sit in a white room with a pot.
    Are the Kingdom Hearts moogles your favorite type of moogles? They are in my top 5, but I dont' think they are cutest moogles of all of them.
    Yeah iot ripped me off as well, but since I was doing 3-4 player runs for hours daily, eventually I had enough Munny and sigils, and crowns, for him to freely rip me off and I didn't care XD(I loved that I was sitting in a park and accidentallyt connected with a bunch of middle schoolers accidentally XD)

    Agreed I was like come on at least make him playable for more character variation >.> nomura is spying probably going to throw it into the final mix... hmmm. Yeah hopefully in some form, I mean the darkness in Vens heart went with ven to our current hero if I recall correctly so that means even a portion of Vanitas is within Sora. Watch MX drag him out again. hmmm I sensed a familiarity in you hoho ho, *points keyblade at sora* Vanitas I summon theee, *flash of black smoke, I...am... robeorn Raaaaggghhhh.
    I wonder if it's still have a red pom pom or would it be like black with yellow slits, maybe claws, and az purple pom pom... I'd steall stopra it to squish it's p[om pom XD. I've loved moogles since Final Fantasy III(original US name)/FF VI, it was my favorite party character, and eventually became a favorite creature in Chocobo Tales, chocobos dungeon, even throughout FF and KH, I LOVED the ORG XIII Moogle XD

    Yes His keyblade is very very BA, XD That was my reaction too, I just wish they would have done like a reverse/rebirth thing with him as a play6able character and make mirage arena playable for him after you play his story and complete it. I just wanna know how/why riku gets a heartless version of it XD
    About the same here, but he had me hooked with his keyblade, his design and his name, his face *eh which one his true face or his original?* well either way when he first pulls his helmet off it's one of those cool wtf? Moments XD... In fact I was kinda hooked since he was first made known.
    ...I just wonder what a Moogle in the realm of darkness would look like lol or a Vani moogle.
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